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Long time reader, first time poster

Need some help guys (and girls). I’m doing a hybrid program of sorts, this after doing OVT for 4 weeks. I use Westside to improve my bench, and CT’s Athletic/Strength Block to improve my squat. So, that’s two days for Bench (dynamic and max effort) and one day for squat. I also use Running Man to lose the fat, and my warm-ups (recently for 2 weeks) are GPP circuits of Running in place, Jumping Jacks, and Burpees for 20 sec. each for 3-5 sets). My goal is to be strong and lean. Here’s my numbers (pls. restrain from laughing):

Deadlift: 310lbs.
Squat: 240 lbs.
Pull-up: 4 reps bodyweight (155 lbs) + 30 lbs.
Dips: 6 reps bodyweight + 35 lbs.
Power Clean: 180 lbs.
Snatch: 200 lbs.
Bench: 220 lbs.
Push Press: 160 lbs.
Overhead Squat: 120lbs x 4 reps

More stats:

Male, Asian/Hispanic
Age: 30
Height: 5"7
Weight: 155 lbs.
Diet: T-Dawg Diet
Supps: Just vitamins
Bodyfat: (estimate) 18%
Training Age: 3 years of inconsistent home training (using DBs and calisthenics) and 8 mos. of consistent, formal gym training

Now, question is, since I need to lose the fat, and retain muscle, do you think maintaining the Westside Routine for bench, but following the squat routine with a 5x5 approach, then moving on to OVT 1 & 2, and more HIIT sessions or more HOC, would do the trick for me? I’m leaning out quite considerably, but just to let you know, I was 160 when I started (been on the program for 2 weeks now), lost some fat, and based on the man on the mirror, retained the muscle mass. Hopefully, after executing this plan, I intend to post my pic in the photo forum too for comments from you people. If you know any other, better approach, please tell me. All comments are appreciated.

Now, I’m gonna wear my fireproof suit just in case.

You can snatch 200lbs. and only power clean 180lbs? That can’t be right, unless you’re a skilled Olympic lifter.

oh, it’s an oddity, but it’s true!I’m confident with the sweep of the bar in a swinging motion and then catching it overhead, but with the power clean, I’m having difficulty semi-front squatting it when I catch the load after the hang-pull. I dunno, but my balance, after trying 190, was kinda off, so I just tossed it down right after cuz I would have fallen on my back.

good thing I wore the fireproof suit…