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Long Time on the 'Net


So I recently signed up on an Autodesk (for work) website and found this to be interesting...check the date. lol.


Dude, you invented the internets?


I win!


That Al Gore's full-a-shit!


millenium bug


The local Office Depot is closing and they actually had some of those old Y2K PCI cards in the bargain bin. That made me chuckle.


You can time travel? Awesome!


No private messages?


Ha ha fuck off you being serious?


Sorry but have to ask are you a bloke?


Yep, they also had ISA slot 28.8 modems new in the box. It was like they had a time capsule of old computer shit.


Yes, she's a guy.


Speaking of computer time capsules, this was my family's first computer:



And your a guy as well?


Nope, I'm a man.


o really i beg to differ :slight_smile:


I'm a guy, Reborn is a guy, pushpullme is a strong chick. problem averted.

and no; no PM's on my autocad forum....woe is me.


pushpullme is more of a man that most of the guys on this site. The only difference is she is hot.