Long-Time Lurker's Training Log

Hey all,

I’ve been lurking the shit of this site for years (10-ish) and wanted to start getting more involved. I’m 31 years old and have been lifting since I was 16, but only “for real” for the past 4 or 5 years. I’m currently on a 5/3/1 rotation (between that, DoggCrapp and variations) and I’m close to being the strongest I’ve ever been.

Height: 5’6"
Weight: 192

Squat Max: Using 450
Deadlift Max: Using 550
Bench Max: Using 405

I know my squat sucks in comparison to my other lifts. I’d make excuses, but that’s all they’d be: excuses. I plan to work on that and push it extra hard to get it up to speed.

I’m sitting at somewhere around 15% BF, so I’ve started some walking on off days (on an empty stomach in the morning) to lose some of that without hurting my lifts.

I’ll be posting the last 4 work outs I did here in the next couple days and will be working out again on Wednesday. I work as a paramedic, so I lift weights on the days I have off. I’m also a new father, so I’m pretty busy.

I’ll post a video or two, as well. Anything in particular that I should record?


My goals are to get a 500+lb Squat, rep 405 for 5 on bench, and pull 600lbs by the time I’m 33. So, I’ve got about 18 months.

I’m trying to be realistic, but if I can do it sooner, all the better.

Worked out yesterday:



3 x 305
3 x 345
3+ x 395 = 5 reps

Max reps at 305 = 10


3 x 245
3 x 295
3+ x 350 = 4 reps

Rest Pause x 245 = 12, 4, 2

Pullups with 25lbs x 25 reps



Rest Pause x 145lbs = 10, 5, 2

Ab Work.

I’m ashamed of those squat numbers, especially considering my bench, but I’m working on it. There was a time when I could rep 425 for 5, but I’m nowhere close to that. Need to keep working!

Started using MusclePharm Assault yesterday and really like it. Was looking for something different and found it on sale. Heard good things and so I made the jump. Really liked it the first time.

Meh, fuck it, I can see that I’m a small fry among gods. I’ll just keep going at it until I have some good numbers to start talking about.