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7-8% BF as of now

Been lurking around the forum for about a year now. Decided recently to join. I've got a Blitz cycle that I've put together and am looking to do in about a year, was wondering what you guys thought of it.

Freshman in college at Florida State. I've been lifting since freshman year of high school, ran x-country and track for 3 years and lifted for my school senior year.

I usually suck down 3000ish calories ed. Used to live with dad the cardiologist and mom the dietitian and personal trainer, so I ate the cleanest shit imaginable. Diet's been slipping a bit since I've been at school though.

I feel like I'm just a few pounds shy of my genetic potential, especially at my height, but I don't think I want to hit the gear yet. I think I can stay in the gym another year tops and really diet seriously, then I'll be ready.

My goals are to just put on mass, but not tons of it. I'd be perfectly happy with 10-15#s.

Let me know what you think of this cycle. I kept it short, just because I'm in school and this is my only gym. Holidays home and stuff would interrupt my cycle.
I've heard about 50%-50% for/against frontloading, tell me what you think. Flame me and rip me a new one if you want to, whatever.

WEEK 1: 900mg Test E or Cyp in 2 | 280mg Dbol @ 4 20mg Tabs ed
WEEK 2-6: 400mg Test in 2 | 210 mg Dbol @ 3 20mg Tabs ed
WEEK 7: 280mg Dbol @ 4 20mg Tabs ed
WEEK 8: 210mg Dbol @ 3 20mg Tabs ed
(Clomid on hand for bloating or anything)
PCT Nolva 40-30-20

I did the last two weeks of Dbol so the Test could clear and I could jump right in to PCT.

What do you guys think?

I plan on learning a lot on these forums, and thanks in advance for the help


You weigh 145lbs and feel you’re just a “few pounds shy” of your genetic potential?

I smell an extravagant troll job


You are using compounds that are notorious for aromatising therefore my first question would be: what are you going to use to keep estrogen at bay? Certainly adex should be added. Also, just wondering why the relatively high dosing since as you’ve stated, you’re only looking for 10-15 lbs of gain? Are you sure that the “gear” you’ve chosen is best suited for only modest gains- I think not. You should consider perhaps something milder that will meet your goals and that offers less in the way of sides.


Yeah, I do. Even when I was dieting with the cleanest shit ever, I couldn’t break 148# at 7% BF (calipers). Hell, I could be wrong but I’ve been lifting for 5 years and I’m not gaining anything anymore. I’ve tried switching it up, superseting, all sorts of things and I’m stuck. I feel like if I clean up my diet again, I might hit 150#s, but that could take a while at the rate I’m at. Keep in mind I’m 5’6"


Thanks Gillondon, I’ll do some research on that. Do you think Anavar @ about 80-100mgs ed would be a good alternative to the Dbol?


Deca too has it’s share of pitfalls & again, going back to your 10-15 lb goal I’d have to say no also. Have you considered milder choices such as Var or Primo? They offer the kind of gains your looking for, are much less harsh in terms of sides, are easier to recover from & tend to provide much more keepable dry gains. A win-win all around for the kind of gains you seek.


I see what you mean. Do you think Var @ 80-100mgs ed would be a good sub for the Dbol?


If he is really 5’6" and really 7%bf, then 145lbs is not that bad of a weight to be at.

OP, you need an AI on cycle. You first-cycle posters always seem to forget this. Don’t feel bad, I did, too, only nobody pointed it out to me and it became a problem later on. Clomid is a SERM, not an AI.

Cycle looks pretty good, other than that. I’d go with 600mg/w test. Your AI will serve to keep sides in check.


[quote]GILLONDON wrote:
You are using compounds that are notorious for aromatising therefore my first question would be: what are you going to use to keep estrogen at bay? Certainly adex should be added. Also, just wondering why the relatively high dosing since as you’ve stated, you’re only looking for 10-15 lbs of gain? Are you sure that the “gear” you’ve chosen is best suited for only modest gains- I think not. You should consider perhaps something milder that will meet your goals and that offers less in the way of sides.[/quote]


What is relatively high, other than the dbol (slightly)? I’m under the impression that the OP is only planning on using 400mg/w of cyp. This is a pretty mild dose, imo.

Test/dbol is an excellent choice of compounds for one’s first cycle. For the general population I cannot think of a better stack, as a matter of fact. Again, sides can be controlled. Why would someone want to try to have a mediocre cycle?


You’re 18 years old. Do you really think steroids are the answer at this point?


My post isn’t up yet so I cant edit.

You keep talking about how clean your diet is and how you can’t gain weight. Then you say that if you clean up your diet a bit more you may be able to add a few more pounds. Did it ever occur to you that a super clean diet is not what you need to gain some weight at this moment in time? And to be honest, 3000 calories really isn’t that much. Sure it’s a lot for most people but you probably have a fast metabolism. At 18 years old my metabolism was rediculously fast compared to what it is now, which is not slow by any means.

18 year olds don’t hit plateaus because of genetics. Plateaus are a result of not making the RIGHT changes in diet and training. At your age it is likely you don’t know your body well enough to know exactly what change needs to be made. This is not an insult to you. It is the simple reality that with age come experience. So you may think that you have tried everything possible WRT diet and training and that AAS is the next step to break a plateau but I’d have to disagree.

I missed the part about you saying you want to wait until you are 19 to start a cycle. I still think that is young but hopefully it will give you more time to learn about how your body reacts to different kinds of training and nutrition.

How many years total have you lifting weights with the goal to build muscle? I ask because you say that when you go home for the intersemester break you wont have access to a gym. What do you think will happen to the gains you’ve made in the months prior if you just stop lifting for a whole month.


Bonez & Cortes,
Thanks for the input on the AI.
I said somewhere that I’ve been lifting for 5 years now. I’ll take your advice on upping my calories, I’ve been trying to do that recently.

I don’t plan on being home for more that a week or two at a time. If I do, then I’ll “buy” a membership to the gym my mom works at or something, I’ve been thinking about that. All 4 years of high school and throughout last summer I lifted with the powerlifting team and used the weight room whenever I wanted, coaches liked me.

So the consensus is there’s no problem with running the Dbol?



I think steroids at this point would be foolish. I’m 5’8 and 185 with single digit BF, and I wouldn’t start gear anytime soon. If you aren’t gaining, you aren’t eating enough. Its as simple as that. At 7PM if you think you’ve done good, and eaten a lot of food that day, try to get another 1k calories before bed. With 7% BF you’re pure Ecto, just like me, so you have no excuse for not eating a shit ton of food all day, every day, and not have to worry about putting on fat.


Good advice all around, guys. Thanks for the words of wisdom


Hey OP

I’m at your height and 140 with decently low BF%, but no clue what it is (you can look up my profile). So I’m in the same boat as you. I really look like I train, but obviously am not an heavy weight.

Like Cortes, I think it’s not half bad. I mean, I’m not a brute, but I like deadlifting nearly three times my weight, doing pull-ups with more than 66% of my weight (poliquin stated it’s pretty darn good), dipping way more than my weight…doing one arm chin-ups for reps… curling 50% of my weight with each arm… I like the fact that although it does’t show that much, I’m stronger than 98% of the guys that have 6-8inches and 50lbs on me… not to gloat, but I think if goes to show that you can surely develop a strong build even at that low bw.

so all in all, the power/body weight ratio at our height/weight is pretty fun, in my book. I don’t see many pple bouncing up and down on the pull-up bars for reps…

However, I’m really want to grow in size, and even though my diet is clean, it is hard to break my plateau while staying lean. God, I hope prof X isn’t reading this lol

So I’m hitting a plateau, been on it for over a year… so I’ve figure it was time for a swift kick in the nuts… to force me to push harder, to help me break the barrier… whatever it is, at the end of the day, if it helps me progress and learn, I’m all for it.

I’m personnally just starting a test Prop at 100mg EOD and winstrol 50mg ED. Following Brook’s advice I’ve included AI and SERM protection, namely letro and clomid. You definitely should follow their advice, even if it mean waiting for the ancilliaries to come. I know I certainly dit (first package was delivered to wrong adress)… but now I’m all set.

good luck



Thanks for the advice, man. Sounds a lot like me, that’s why coach loved me so much in high school. Went to regionals for our schools powerlifting team.

I’ll be keeping in touch with you, let me know how your cycle goes.


I didn’t realize how young you were. I see no reason for you to be incorporating AAS at 19 years of age.

The only person I would not say this to would be someone who had already gained significant size at his young age and was looking perhaps to make some sort of career from this or a related sport.

I don’t think there is a magical number at which one should be granted his “AAS License.” However, I do think that, for the general population, there is a massive amount of learning that should be done before ever starting to use AAS. Most guys will NOT have achieved this level of expertise by the age of 19.

Not to mention, at 5’6", do you really want to risk closing your growth plates before you are completely finished growing? I know it’s a very long shot that you’d gain any more height after 19, but still.


Well said. You all have presented a lot of great information. I plan on sticking around this website and really learning a lot more.


I agree with Cortes with the age though. 19 is pretty young. I got ten years on you :wink:
geeezzz seems like yesterday I was 19 lol


I don’t think anyone can be close to their genetic potential @ 18 years of age. Unless of course you start to use AAS at 14-15, as some of the top calibre weightlifters does.
If you already look like Shawn Ray (when he was at your age), then go head juice up. You can make a career out of it. Otherwise, I would wait till the late 20s.