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7-8% BF as of now

Been lurking around the forum for about a year now. Decided recently to join. I've got a Blitz cycle that I've put together and am looking to do in about a year, was wondering what you guys thought of it.

Freshman in college at Florida State. I've been lifting since freshman year of high school, ran x-country and track for 3 years and lifted for my school senior year.

I usually suck down 3000ish calories ed. Used to live with dad the cardiologist and mom the dietitian and personal trainer, so I ate the cleanest shit imaginable. Diet's been slipping a bit since I've been at school though.

I feel like I'm just a few pounds shy of my genetic potential, especially at my height, but I don't think I want to hit the gear yet. I think I can stay in the gym another year tops and really diet seriously, then I'll be ready.

My goals are to just put on mass, but not tons of it. I'd be perfectly happy with 10-15#s.

Let me know what you think of this cycle. I kept it short, just because I'm in school and this is my only gym. Holidays home and stuff would interrupt my cycle.
I've heard about 50%-50% for/against frontloading, tell me what you think. Flame me and rip me a new one if you want to, whatever.

WEEK 1: 900mg Test E or Cyp in 2 | 280mg Dbol @ 4 20mg Tabs ed
WEEK 2-6: 450mg Test in 2 | 210 mg Dbol @ 3 20mg Tabs ed
WEEK 7: 280mg Dbol @ 4 20mg Tabs ed
WEEK 8: 210mg Dbol @ 3 20mg Tabs ed
(Clomid on hand for bloating or anything)
PCT Nolva 40-30-20

I did the last two weeks of Dbol so the Test could clear and I could jump right in to PCT.

What do you guys think?

I plan on learning a lot on these forums, and thanks in advance for the help


The beginner forum isn’t the right place to talk about that you better go in the steroids forum if you want good advice.

With that said I don’t think your are ready for that yet looking at your stats, even with a low BF% like that.
Do you have trouble making gains without the gear?


Ok, I’ll post it over there.

Yeah, I’ve been at about 140#s for the better part of a year now. I’ve tried switching it up, superseting, all sorts of stuff and it’s hard to break. I’m thinking cleaning up my diet will do the trick for now.

I know I’m not really ready for the gear, I just put this out there to see what was thought of it, get feedback, and learn from it



While I know nothing of your training, if you are busting your ass in the gym and tried a lot of methods, then that probably isn’t the problem. Cleaning your diet might be a good thing, that’s for sure, but the only way to grow more will be to up the quantity of food your are eating. Do you have any idea how much calories you are getting each day?

Really, your body don’t need more stimulation, it probably just needs more fuel so just eat more, a lot more, then adjust from there.