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Long Time Follower, 1st Time Cycler

What up gym junkies.
Oldie but newbie here getting pumped up for 1st cycle. Goal is to gain strength and size(lbm). Id like to keep as much of my gains as possible.

I’m 37, 5’9 1/2" <-ha,
and weighing in at 195 today with roughly 10-12% bf.
Been active since high school by working hard as an ironworker and maintaining a decent physique by working out.
Benching 315, DL 375, and squatting 325.

Honestly, I have been taking lifting and working out serious for 6 months now working out everyday and enjoy it. I’ve increased my bw from 175-195 in those 6 months and have seen good strength increases too. If like to think my diet is on point, and have been taking basic supplements like creatine, bcaas and quality protein. I’ve taken tribilus terestis and testofen in the past to up my test levels and didn’t feel much different.
I took tren when it was legal about 8 years ago and got results, but that was a long time ago

I’m ready to take my potential to the next level and start a cycle soon. It looks like this
Week 1-12
Test e300 pinned 2x weekly
Hcg 250iu pinned 2x weekly
Adel .5mg eod

PCT WEEK 12-14
nolva 40,40,20,20
Clomid on hand in case

Any feedback on this first cycle?
I’d like to stack it with 50mg whinny ed or eod for weeks 1-10 but many experienced guys will say to use test only

I’d also like to stack it with tren ace 50mg eod(150mg/week) weeks 6-10

I guess I’m just wanting to hear I’m g2g on the tren and whinny but can wait till my 2nd cycle

I’m about to get my bloodwork done. I’m thinking of just asking my regular Dr to do a full hormonal blood test because I am thinking of taking otc test boosters because I feel tired and am losing my sex drive. Think Dr will buy it or should I just tell them to do the Test?

Sorry if any answers could’ve been answered in other threads, I’ve been doing the research just don’t have a lot of time with 4 kids, wife, home, work, gym etc…

Thanks in advance bros

Ideally you want to pin tren ace ed. 50mg eod is a small dose. Maybe try 50mg ed and bump it up to 75 then 100mg ed to get good results. Sides might be an issue for you though. Personally I don’t get any sides from tren bar sweating more.

Hey Nacho, I’m new to T Nation so please excuse if I’m out of line but I’m curious as to your goal. Are you trying to get ready for a competition of some sort?

I’m new too and not outa line. No competition. I’m still too small to compete. I guess I’m obsessive with working out and want to get bigger and stronger. If I felt like I looked good enough to compete someday, then he’ll yes, why not!

Started my cycle yesterday. Pinned myself wth 300mg of test e with 22g 1" pin. The pin was all over the place. Thought it’d be easier.
Can I bottom out my 1" pin in my quads without any problems? Also is it possible to have my libido increased after just 24 hours? Mine seemed better already. Might be a psychological thing.

I have been on here a couple years and always good advice from these guys. I have done two cycles with Tren and will most likely never do another one without it. My first cycle with tren was tren A to make sure I could handle it. You defiantly want ED for best results. My recommendation is if you can handle it try Tren E next time. I did and worked out better for me. There are a couple different theories on whether you should go 7 days a week or take a couple off to let receptors refresh. Then also ratio to test. Most guys I listen to say 1:1 ratio. Some say 2:1 tren to test.

Just started 3rd week of cycle today. Decided to not use hcg right away and haven’t taken my adex yet. I started my tren on week 2 at 50mg eod. I’m going to get more and go to 50mg ed.

Tren must make me sweat like crazy at work and at the gym. Might be because it was 90°+ everyday last week.

No sides yet. My libido is already much better. Be went from 195-203 so far.

Is there a pain free way to pin my delts or quads? I tried this am but these new pins I got(5/8" 23g) hurt to go in all the way. So I just went back to glutes.

So those are my updates

Just finishing up week 5. Gained another 3lbs and lost more body fat. Test and Tren really kicking in now so much my wife’s pussy hurts
She can tell a difference and wants to know what I’m on. I’m going to switch to Tren E tomorrow and run it till the end of my cycle. Only sides are sweating and a small amount of backne.

The acne is from the test, try getting some Sun. No joke helps like a lot. Other than that, cool keep us informed. Push your food Up if you can. In my first I used abombs to get some weight on and then ate like a horse to keep the weight on.

Just took my first dose of hcg yesterday 500iu. I know the norm is 250iu 2x a week but I dont have slin pins. I guess I can use a 3cc syringe and dose it at .25 mg. That would be about the same as 250iu correct? People I haven’t seen in a year ask me if I’m juicing when they see me. I did gain 25 lbs this spring and summer naturally and another 11 with this cycle so far. People just assume that AAS make your muscles grow without hard work. I’m working my ass off in the gym 7 days a week doing a push pull legs spkit. So every 3 days, I work the same muscle group which ends up being twice a week.

Why hcg?

Honestly, from what I read on here some will run it during cycle or blast it towards the end. My hcg came yesterday already mixed so I figure I have 4 or 5 weeks worth. Will it hurt my gains?

No, to me it’s just another variable. As well as a cosmetic treatment. Also at you age I think it possibly can be a waste of money. Depends on current kids situation and future plans. I dont ever plan on hcg, as I already have my kids knocked out.