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Long Time Away and Getting Back


Hey everyone!

Need an opinion, beef up or diet down first.
At my height 6' 1" What should I am for.
Im 37 yo.
Currently on 17% bf 198 lbs.
Was at 185lbs 19% bf 3 months ago.

Was looking at GOMAD for one month half gallon.

Im not gaining weight on brown rice, steak, chicken breasts, etc.

Beg workout routine:
Pushups spartan, wide, diamond, normal 10X25.
squats no weights, high repetition, dips, chair assisted
Got up to 300 on each exercise.

all sorts of creative uses a bookbag and 60 lbs in weights would allow

ALl my sets I try and do with supersets working out same muscle or different
First day at gym did chest, back, shoulders, triceps and biceps.
All mysets I try and hit with 5 sec up and down for one set(my last)
Benched 205 lbs X 4 last rep
incline 225 lbs x 4 last rep
butterfly 2x60 8-7-6-4

All my numbers felt good, Im thanking my days doing push-ups till i puked.


hey dude... push-ups are an excellent exercise. they definitely help with shoulder health since they keep the scapula healthy. I do them myself in all forms.

If i were you i'd concentrate on getting in better shape by lifting hard and heavy. Heavy is relative of course. But by lifting hard you will lean up as long as your not over doing it with the food.