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Long-Term Vitamin C Deficiency


Do you know what the effects are? Possibilities?

Any permanent damage?




Arrrrrrr pirate disease.


No... I didn't get the symptoms they describe like the red swollen tongue with ridges. I did have blood blisters for almost two years every time I accidently hit my hands against something. My gums bled a lot when I brushed my teeth, too. And my skin and eyesight were/are the pits. I can't remember the other symptoms to compare. I probably got less than 5 or 10% from a piece of banana each day for a while, so maybe that helped a little.


Is this seriously a thread? Just eat a fucking orange dude.



Go to medline and look at the relationship between vitamin C, arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis. These could be two eventualities.


Super AIDS.


Are you serious...? 100% = half a cup of oj

You have to try to be vitamin c deficient.


I would have if I could have. After one slice, I would have an extreme reaction and have to lie down. My heart(?) couldn't handle it. It put too much pressure on my heart. And yes, I couldn't lift more than a six pack of water at a time back then either. Still waiting for things to go back to normal, but an orange/juice is no longer a problem.

Thanks for your replies. No, I do not have heart disease. I have allergies and sensitivities to many foods(which I didn't have before this problem--bad supp).


It was and is(not C) the most frustrating problem.


Get your vit C in a supplement then if you can't eat an orange. Although we joked about scurvy, poor vit C intake = poor wound healing. While this may not seem like a problem now, you can't predict what will happen tomorrow (maybe a crazy bar fight or a knife happy ex). As mentioned above, may act as an agent against atherosclerosis (it works in conjunction with vit E to fend off LDL radicals).

Bottom line: it sounds as if you do have a mild form of deficiency (congrats, that is kinda rare), so get some vit C in ways other than oj.