Long-Term TRT Users?

Hey dudes, the quest for optimal health is the goal now. I am curious, is there somebody here on TRT permanently for decades?

Nelson over at excel male would be a good source for the question.

There is a user on another forum that states he has been using trt for over 30 years. i wont name names.

10 years here

If you are going to interact with your case particulars, please do that in another post were your labs etc are now posted.

TRT was good, great after E2=22pg/ml. Slowly had some problems with lowered thyroid function over time and IGF-1 levels became too low. Still having great sex at 67 years of age, great having a younger wife! Started training at 65 years and gained muscle and strength. TRT lowered cholesterol nicely. Lost fat and gained muscle with no training for a net change of zero body weight. I am fortunate that my body weight is very stable. Now at 5’8" [lost an inch] a whopping 160 pounds. No illnesses conditions of note. Do take meloxicam for osteo and trazodone for sleep. Dad is 100 and still drives around and buys groceries and has a social life with GF. But I don’t think that my genetics are as good as that. Dad take 55 supplement pills a day. Remarks that he does not have a single ache or pain in his body. Does not see doctors for years and does not take or need any Rx meds. If he meets a doc, he often is asked what his supplements are.

Prostate does not create any problems and PSA is low, despite high T and DHT levels. I attribute that to proper E2 management. My urine flows better than pre-TRT. BP is where is was 60 years ago.

Without TRT and other age management intervention I would not have much quality of life. Retired and keep busy, but spent to much time here - according to my wife!

So my message is that TRT and management of other hormones is probably the secret to a longer life and better quality of life. But that requires the good fortune to not have major health issues. Proper hormone support will prevent many conditions of aging. And proper supplements might take you to a healthy 100 years.

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That’s great news! I’ve been searching boards for some long term users and have only came across the guy from Excel Male who’s been on 17 years I recall.

Very encouraging and supports what I’ve been researching.

Could I ask where you keep,your T ,levels at? Do you still go High Normal r

I have moved on to much higher T levels to compensate for aging gray matter.