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Long Term TRT Joint Integrity

Hi Everyone. I have read varying studies about TRT affecting collagen synthesis and joint integrity both negatively and positively.

It looks like several articles say that over 200mg of test a week will lower collagen synthesis. I am not sure how accurate this is but would love to hear some feedback of people who have been on testosterone without coming off in regards to their joints.

I am on 180mg a week and will NEVER come off unless I absolutely had to and hope that joints remain in tact.

Thanks guys, I look forward to hearing some input

I have seen some of those kinds of writings on other boards…I am not sure where it came from, but I think its the same list that goes AAS by AAS and says how much % it helps or hurts collegen synthesis…which I am not sure who would have done studies and how on 20 different steroids and testosterone levels, with enough individuals, to make those kinds of conclusions.

I am thinking there are too many variables for anyone to say X amount of T will do this or that to collagen synthesis. What if a guy naturally had higher T levels until his need for TRT, what about a 150lb ectomorph vs a natural 230lb mesomorph, and just how individually our bodies process things.

I would think as popular as TRT is now, if peoples joints were getting trashed there would be lawyers on TV saying “if you took Testosterone and have joint issues…” which as funny as it is I saw a commercial about if you have taken T and had a stroke or heart attack to call these lawyers. Low T causes issues…wonder what they have to back a nationwide commercial looking for takers

I’ve never read anything that implicated testosterone in reduced collagen synthesis or joint integrity. I HAVE seen it implicated in TRT. But TRT as in using an aromatase inhibitor along side testosterone. Low estrogen is a problem because the receptors in bones, joints, and skin are primarily estrogen.

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I think the list does say over 200mg week of T reduces collagen, and that Deca, Primo, Var, and Equipoise are good for soft tissue. But I have never seen their medical references…and if it were true with studies backing it, I would think that Deca, Primo, Var would be prescription medications for joint and connective tissue issues.