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Long Term TRT add Ons and Downregulation

Hi everyone

Does one need to worry about downregulation with long term TRT add ons

For example if I run 100mg of primo or masteron along with my TRT year round, would it be more beneficial to switch from one compound to the other every few months to avoid downregulation?

Or is that only in the case if I blast masteron or primo in high doses then return to TRT cruise doses when I would face that problem?

Or would downregulation happen if I blast with a different compound while keeping the add on at the same dose year round?

It would take a very big blast for you to need to worry about down-regulation, honestly. 100mg of Primo extra won’t cause any issues, and changing compounds is likely irrelevant.

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I thought except testosterone AAS are like alcohol, and when you build up a tolerance you need more to have the same effect?

What if one runs 100mg masteron year round then blasts up to 1000mg masteron per week then comes back down to 100mg per week, will it still work the same as before the blast?

Also what if the person who cruises on 100mg primo per week along with TRT then blasts 700mg Tren per week(not planning to lol), will 100mg primo become completely useless after that?

There is no real evidence of a build up of tolerance like alcohol. It’s more like 200mg gets you this far, so if you now want to go further it will take more than 200 mg. And each time everyone wants to go further, so they up the dose until thaey get as far as they are able on that product as far as being able to live with the side effects. The overall androgen level is a liniting factor, even though different compounds seem to have differing effects. If you go up to 500 mg a week, you will gain like mad up until thepoint that 500mg supports. When you stop, you drop back to what is supported by the level you fall to. You maintin some gains post-cycle, at least short-term, but you will absolutely deflate to your androgen level.

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Ok, I get it.

I was wondering if you could you explain what the anabolic doctor means from 8:09 to 8:55?

I’m a bit confused

I don’t think you will have any problems with this,
Iv been doing it for 6 months and not had any need to up the dose,

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He seems to specifically not say what is down-regulated. However, he is discussing estrogen and anti-estrogenic effects in that portion. So, saying that the receptors involved in estrogen binding becoe down-regulated may or may not be a thing, but it would very much depend on dose. The dose would have to be high enough to bind estrogen receptors at a faster rate than they are reproduced by your body, which would negate the option of simply increasing the dose and require periodic non-use to allow regeneration of estrogen receptors. Not typically a concern at TRT levels for anyone.

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I see, I think you’re right it sounds like it’s the anti estrogenic effects that he’s talking about

This doctor is speaking too much bro-science from the 80s

If you disagree with the Anabolic Doc, you should re-evalute what you believe about TRT. He’s pretty legit and progressive, not just talking out his ass like a lot of the other “Experts”. And he’s a qualified doctor.

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Dude, dont make me laugh really.
First from when someone being a doctor makes him a good expert on TRT? I guess the endocrinologists giving their patients one shot every 2-3 weeks are also experts?

This guy is absurd. His main way of making the videos is fear mongering. But I’ve heard so much pure BRO SCIENCE from 1980s and 1990s that I dont even see a point discussing that.

If you think he is right I respect everyone’s choice.

I think that you are confused. He specializes in TRT, which is not what normal endos do, and he does actual research and readds legitimate studies, unlike what you’ll see in certain other podcasts and forums. He is by no means fear mongering, you could learn a lot about these drugs and what you’re doing by paying attention.

I know he specializes in TRT. So there are no docs who specialize in TRT who say or do wrong things? I can think of at least 2 more doctors like that who make youtube podcasts

So Anabolic doc has said many times directly that TRT increases chance of heart disease and stroke. From the scientific data we know the opposite is true. He also believes in keeping estradiol in “range” with AI, that is also well enough debunked by science these days. On the least everyone knows AIs are harmful even if they cannot drop them for one reason or another.

In sorry, but he is saying enough wrong things so I cannot listen to him. For sure he is also saying a lot of things that are good and true, but that is not enough… And ye he sounds cool, I give him that. Many other people who know better dont have his speaking talent.

Ive made my decision from which doctors to learn from and follow. Everyone is free to do so using research and his judgement.

No, we actually do not. We know that low T is dangerous for these things, but there is no long term evidence establishing that TRT does not increase this risk. There is a tendency to consider lack of evidence as proof of fact. It isn’t. There is also no evidence that E2 does not cause problems long term outside of some certain range. It is positive short term, but we don’t really know long term, but again you are taking lack of information as proof positive of what you want to believe.

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We have a lot of studies for TRT for the last 50 years. I remember reading study with a duration that was at least 10 years if Im not mistaken.
Yes, it would be good to have longer period data, but the data we have suggests protection against these issues not harm.
I believe in the next 30 years there will be more data that will confirm that.

Hi vonko

I think it’s important to keep an open mind, I like to listen to all the different opinions, ideas and points of views. Peaceful discussion leads to discoveries and progression

Also I think the anobolic doctor is definitely way more knowledgeable than me when it comes to AAS and TRT and he has my respect

Do you think the anti estrogen effects of masteron are not subject to downregulation?

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Many listen to one guru, which is not a good approach. I have listened to the anabolic doc, and find most of it to be pretty good. Not all, but most. Listen to the pros and cons of each approach.

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I agree we should be open minded, but also very critical to the information presented. Everything should be cross-checked to the studies and medical literature, because there is nothing more dangerous than a person with authority claiming facts that are not true and not supported by any real science.

I dont have any real knowledge about the synthetics. A few guys I know who have used proviron and masteron for several months to enhance their TRT have claimed the positives from the DHT derivatives are diminished with time like they are not effective to be taken long term.

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Being wrong sometimes is nothing to be ashamed of. Being wrong is a part of being right, apparently even Einstien and Isaac Newton were wrong at times, that doesn’t mean we should dismiss everything they ever said. It’s normal to be wrong at times on the journey to find the truth. We shouldn’t cause eachother and the future generations to become afraid to be wrong, afraid to try, afraid to voice ideas and theory’s. It doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong, it matters who is bringing the information to the table, and what you can take from it or build on it with your contributions to the cause. The logical intention should to be to find the truth for the good of all, not to prove someone wrong.

IMO, being able to realize you are wrong is a sign of intelligence. Many stupid people are never wrong in their estimation.

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