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Long Term Tren Use


Firstly, Hello all at T-Nation, new to the site and first post.

A bit about myself, 37yrs old. 5'6" 170lbs small frame.
been lifting heavy for a decade (on and off) 6 cycles over about 7yrs.
used sust and decca, tren,other test esters, masteron and t-bol over the years.

Well this is my current situation, I had about a six month lay off from training and decided to get a bit fat. had a successful summer and was in pretty good shape. 16 weeks of chicken and broccoli took its toll though and I felt I need to eat some crap for a while.

So the new year comes round(2013) and its time to sort myself out. I had lost some muscle and gained a bit of podge. soft and weak.

So March 4th I took my first jab of the year, tren ace and test prop, twice the tren over test.
over the weeks I kept this ratio, trained hard, ate a little better but was more concerned with staying anabolic so just made sure I ate every 3hrs.

after a month or so I started to see increase in strength, loss of BF, and a nice muscle hardness coming through. On the other hand I started to get the sides, nightsweats, bad,bad achne, and what I can only describe as "emotional insecurity" I beat the achne by using strong antibiotics and a topical cream, with good hygiene. Thankfully it has not returned.

Another method of combatting the achne was to eventually drop the use of test completely after a few months.

So long story short.....It has been six months and I have been running tren ace and tren enanthate, one each day, got to about 700mg a week and with the diet cleaned up I was looking so good, got a better handle on my mental issues and cut late evening carbs to rid the nightsweats.

Well my issue is this, my source let me down with my latest order of tren, so instead I just took what he had to hand...50mg/ml inj stanozolol, in oil.

So I have gone from 700mg of tren wk to 25mg of winny a day. Not sure if I am seeking advice or just telling of my AAS abuse this year so far, but I guess I am pretty anxious about this sudden change in compound use and worry about coming off the tren as it is such a powerful drug with a strong lure.

Ok, so any thoughts on my cycle? I am more than certain that I am gonna be shot down in flames by some folk but come what may.

I think its probably time to start thinking about some PCT......


Well I imagine it is going to be pretty damn hard to recover from that cycle. You have your pct ready, right?

I would not jump to the winny.


Why would you drop tren and test and go into winny? Winny dries out your joints and is ONLY useful precontest as it is extremely harsh on you.

At your age get your test levels checked and you may want to just continually stay on test trt - blast - trt - blast etc if they are low, which my guess is they probably are.

And not to beat a dead horse as you seem to know, but what you have done so far is a little dumb. Not the worst mind you that we see around here. But in closing I would drop the winny and just go with test and can add tren in at times. Test will keep you anabolic at a lower dose.


I only use one compound at a time, and I like to slightly overlap them. I've come directly off of 1000 test a week to 500 winstrol with no crash, in fact this has become one of my favorite cycles. The winey by it's self actually boosts my sex drive, contrary to bro science, and my joints didn't dry up and fall off. I've talked about using winstrol as a PCT here before but everyone starts screaming.

Thing is I've actually done it, and I'm not talking about something I heard or think. Now I've never gone directly from tren to winey, and I can only make assumptions. Tren is a strong compound, and hard to come off, (I don't use it anymore because my girlfriend hates my moods) I think it will act as a pct just as it does with test, but I would of had a 2-3 week overlap, so you might have a crash.

Eveyone hates this kind of talk because it goes against current bro science. I didn't start ASA until my mid 30s, and was quite cautious, trying one compound at a time noting how it effected me. I've had good luck with Dbol than switch to test than switch to winey, tapering with the winey, and not needing a PCT. When I tried a tren only cycle I had good gains(terrible sides) and I crashes hard coming off (had to use armidex) but I hadn't discovered winey as a pct at that time, so I can only guess.

I've also had bad sides from deca only cycle, not that it pertains to this thread. These are things I've discovered from my body, and can't say how it carries over to other people. I know by trial and error I've dispelled a lot of myths. I have a good feeling that the winstrol will act as a pct for the tren, though you might have a 1-2 week lag waiting for winey to kick in. I know I'll catch flack for these words but they're my results, and very similar to what BBer's from the 70's did. Goodluck


It is not bro science. It is a known fact how harsh winny is on you. And it is a subpar compound for strength, size, anything other than looking harder and leaner once already at a very low BF.

Use winny and you don't need PCT? Really dude? Please just stop.


I agree here Anytime. Winni is known for serious sides in alot of people. I'm not saying you didn't do and it worked for you but, it shouldn't be recommended to the general majority. Its just like me I have never used a AI whether for estrogen, prolactin, etc... And I am perfectly fine my blood work is with in normal range and have no estrogen related sides of any kind other than some bloat at well over a gram of Test not to mention Tren, and my Abombs before training. But, I would never suggest some one not use AI and Serms. The same thing here you got lucky and responded well where many if not most people do not with winni. Hope this makes sense not a flame and no offense meant.


My reason for the switch to winstrol is a lack of anything else ATM, not willing to come off cycle (although its for the best that I do) will run the winny then get some HGC in me along with standard clomid nolva PCT protocol. I fully expect to lose a little but I am really holding very little water if any and the length of my cycle should leave a retainable physique, given that training and diet are consistent. Essentially what I am saying is that this is the longest cycle I have ran and found it so hard to envisage not being on gear, so I just stayed on. thanks for your input and opinions guys.