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Long-Term Travel on T?

Sup guys. I’ve been on .5ml test injections twice a week for about a year now. I’ve recently reactivated my merchant marine credentials and I’m going out on a ship for a 4 month contract. Any ideas on how I can get enough to last me 4 months?? I currently only get 4 of the little 1ml bottles at a time that last me a month. I heard that they don’t give out the 10ml bottles anymore. Will pharmacies even give out that much? My Doc will make the call for as much as I need for the trip,I’m just worried about the pharmacy. I currently get it at bartells. Is there a better place to go? That’s easier to get large amounts? A friend suggested maybe switching to gel while I’m at sea cause it might be easier to travel with and use. I’m I. A big ship with private quarters so cleanliness and stuff isn’t an issue. Thanks guys. I’m pretty new to all of this.

I get mine in 10ml vials from CVS down the street. So its available.

Cool. I’ll look into CVS. I heard that pharmacies weren’t giving out 10ml vials anymore.

my local family owned pharmacy I use supplies 10ml vials. Its my insurance that gets cranky about it. So I can always just pay the $95.00 for it or stick with the 1ml vials that insurance does cover. Also I would look into mail order if your insurance covers that as it allows 90 day supplies

Cvs and Walgreens have 10ml. Coupons are available on websites that make it cheaper than using your insurance.

I would love to know what websites you are using. Not sure if sharing them would violate any polices here though.

GoodRx .com

You appear to be in USA.

Explain situation to pharmacist and get this worked out. 1ml is not the law of the land. If imposed by insurance company, talk to them, they may not be recognizing this as a life-long exercise. Many are getting 10-12ml vials.

Do not discuss dosing by volumes, we need mg’s and iu’s etc. 0.5ml of what? T can be 100mg/ml, 200mg/ml, 250mg/ml. There are different types of T, cypionate, ethanate/enanthate etc.

Most guys need to manage E2 levels with an AI [aromatase inhibitor]. And many use hCG injections to prevent testicular shrinkage and loss of fertility.

Please post your labs with ranges. Not just hormones…

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