Long Term Supply Chain Issues

Potential new TRT user here, just diving into my initial research…

Question is whether you all would worry about long term (20+ years) availability of synthetic T?

I’m assuming that jumping into TRT might mean I’d need (or want) synthetic T forever. Given the current global supply chain surprises, are there any implications for the availability of T?

How is synthetic T produced? What are the basic materials/tech needed to produce it? Essentially I’d really want to avoid being totally dependent on synthetic T and in the position of not being able to source legitimate supplies…

Is this a reasonable concern?


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I think the issue would be with federal regulations, not supply or the ability to make it.

It is made with soy beans or yams (I believe originally they used some sort of Mexican yam). So the base material to make it is pretty abundant.

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It’s not synthetic T, it’s the same stuff molecule for molecule, it’s just made in a lab and is chemically the same.

The body can’t even tell the difference.

Bioidentical testosterone has been around since the 1930s. Testosterone levels are declining in men, I don’t see TRT going away anytime soon.

No, it’s not. It’s not like you can’t come off and return to baseline.

So I’m not familiar with all the jargon in this community, but when I say synthetic I mean non endogenous T, or created in a lab (not natural).

Based on what I’ve read so far, coming off can be very difficult and some effects irreversible?

Just curious as to what the community would do if the supply chain took a dump like has happened recently with toilet paper, baby formula, etc.

If I decide to head down the TRT path I’m approaching it as if it’s a lifelong commitment, but perhaps that’s not reasonable.

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Most guys can come off if they want. It might be 6 months of feeling a bit more tired and not as strong or as good looking. I’d run hcg for awhile while on test, then I’d stop test, and is run the hcg while the test clears, then I’d run a serm solo. I’d probably run a lower dose of that than what is used for a PCT, but I’d run it a lot longer slowly tapering it down.

Fwiw, a buddy got off of test, Tren and mast that he had been running for 18 months. He ran low dose serm for 6 months. He had normal levels now. Not saying this is what you should do, but it’s what I’d do.

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The same could be said for blood presure medicines, but you don’t not take prescibed blood pressure medicine because of a future possibility of a supply issue.

Testosterone is no different, you body requires it to function normally.

I don’t worry about anything 20+ years away to be honest

Good points. Doesn’t sound like supply chain issues have ever been a thing in this community so I suppose it shouldn’t be a consideration…

I mean, you never know, right? I’ve got a years worth stockpiled just in case, but whether it’s underground or legit, I think you’re always going to be able to find testosterone in the future.