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Long term steroid cycle

I am 40+ years old and tried my first cycle five years ago. I averaged two cycles per year, usually lasting 8-12 weeks. I don’t think I have ever had very good testosterone levels, ever. I always felt better on roids, than off. I gained about 10lbs only over that time frame with them and have kept it, but felt better. My three brothers all are more muscular than I am, even though they don’t work out. I have been working out since I was 16. My father was an alcoholic, and I’m sure that did some damage to me when he sent his sperm to my mom. I finally had my testosterone levels checked and they are low. The last cycle I did was 8 months ago. It was only a two week cycle like recommended by Brock. I took 2000mg, and 50mg of clomid for the two weeks and finished with two more weeks and then started on Tribex.

My question. I plan on a mexican trip, if my doc doesn’t give me a weekly injection and only every two to three weeks. I planned on taking 200mg of Equipose and 300mg of deca per week. My joints have been aching and I have always done better on deca. Anyway, if I take 25mg of clomid daily with this, what is the longest I could stay on this? If I decided on making this a replacement therapy, could I continue indefinetly? Also, if I could get the real Anavar (vet version), how would you recommend adding? or cycling? I still want to have children, so HCG?

Any other thoughts?