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Long Term Spike Use?

Do the effects of Spike wear off with long term use? Since I started school I’ve been taking a Spike pre-workout, but it doesn’t seem to be making the same difference it used to…

several threads on this just in the past week same topic.

the general concensus, me included, was long term use seems fine. I take it 4 days a week prior to training other days If I need a swift kick in the junk.


Like everything else, it varies from person to person.
When I first got my Spike, I took it everyday, and after a few days, I started to become over emotional.
I just use it every few months.

For me, I hits me hardest after a few consecutive days.

I’ve never really taken it consecutively for a long time but I would say it should probably be reserved for special events, tests, workouts. Normally a load of tyrosine and maybe some caffeine should be good.

I’m not sure what’s up with me but I never feel it. And I’m usually pretty easily affected by supplements/things…

…everyone’s body builds up a tolerance, even after a few days of use - I became immune to the effects after one week - just happens.

[quote]arqeangelisch wrote:
…everyone’s body builds up a tolerance, even after a few days of use - I became immune to the effects after one week - just happens.[/quote]

Granted, some people claim experiences similar to yours, but for the most part this doesn’t seem to be the case with Spike.

For example, I’ve been using it consistently since prior to its release and still experience the same effect.

I think it’s more along the lines of alcohol consumption. While you might build a slight tolerance, I have yet to meet someone who was immune to the effects of alcohol no matter how often they drank.

i find that i get used to the effects of it more than my body not responding, that said, the effect is very mild, i definately feel a lot calmer when on Spike at one capsule, two and i get a bit jittery (don’t respond well to caffeine)

btw for those who want a kick, try the Spike shooters, i got a free one in an order, was twitching for 9 hours, just could not sit still, this is roughly what happens after consumption of 2 cups of coffee for me except i was less anxious and the effects of coffee would only last for a few hours.

Used every day, the mental stimulation decreases in time, but the mood elevation increases. This is a supplement which is very clearly “reset” to the initial response by cycling it, or by using it sparingly.

Yea, for me its alot similar to coffee. I can use it for up to 3 days a week and still get full effects. Any more, and I don’t as quite a strong kick as I used to. Again, I use the store bought SPIKE because I get quite a discount at GNC(friend works there)

I think you could probably go 5 on, 2 off if your taking it for work related reasons as maybe a substitute for drinking coffee.

My two electrician friends that Ive got using SPIKE say that as long as they take their weekends off, they get a solid kick all week, mon - fri, that lasts a full 8 hour shift. They report that taking it in the morning on an empty stomach works best, and then maybe having a very small cup of coffee 5 hours later to give it a little more bump.