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Long Term Shoulder Injury Rehab


Guys - i've had a shoulder injury for about 8yrs now. I believe i first hurt it doing lateral raises.

I believe it is largely tendonitis as the bicep tendon appears to get aggravated when i do almost any upper body motion if i push too hard.

I've tried multiple different physios, chiros, remedial massage and most recently got a cortisone shot. These things have helped me to a certain extent as it is much better than it was a few years ago but i still cannot lift to my full potential without it getting sore. The problem is when i am training the pain is quite dull so sometimes i feel that i can push hard but then if i do that, i often end up with a really bad ache all down my arm and sometimes it can be so bad that i can't really train for multiple days afterwards.

Does anyone have any suggestions for anything else i could try? thank you