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Long Term Progress


I just want to clear long term progression and recovery training for me… Not sure if i understand it correct…

I never have done a deload or something similar, most of the time i trained 5*5 Bill Starr or a Full-Body-routine.

At the moment i follow the layer approach with a 6 day split ( 2 sghp days, 1 squat, 2 ovp, 1 bench) and i have read your training log on in Micro-PA users. You say: there are two approaches for long term progression:

b) long term periodization

In one thread i have read, that you don’t need a deload on the layer system, because it’s auto-regulating ( a member said that)…
In your log you give an example: layer for 6 weeks, 2-3 weeks recovery training, Build for Bad, recovery training, 10-day- Layer, recovery… .

Do i have understand it now correct, for long term progression i should make:
Hypotherie layer 6 weeks
Recovery 2 weeks
strength layer 6 weeks

in an other thread about layer periodization someone outlines:
Hypotherie layer ( accumulation)
Strength layer
Hyotherie layer ( intensification)

What is now correct for long term progress ? I am confused :stuck_out_tongue:

How should recovery training look like ?

I have read your article: Opposite training…is that recovery training ?

Thanks for reading, sorry for all my English mistakes, i hope you can understand my questions :wink: