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Long Term - Post AAS Test Levels


I have read posts concerning men such as myself late 20's who have done several Test only and other various AAS cycles. A good number of forum posts by s random AAS users I found concluded that 2 - 4 years after AAS they're T levels are only mid 300's. When they were previously much higher (500 - 800 range). I'm aware T is going to drop with age but these users seemed Very low for mid 30's/

I also viewed another forum post of a users blood work progress of a 4 cycle duration over 2 years. Each time he waited 4 months after pct to get blood work, and each time his T - levels were lower. (approx down 100 ngl in total I think)..

I'm not saying this is going to happen everyone, but It kinda got me a little worried and I would rather it not happen to me. I want to be better informed before I start my 2nd Test cycle on these dangers if at all real.(I'm 27).

Has anyone on here used AAS in the age range of 26 - 32 and had normal T level prior to AAS, then stopped for over a year or more and then had blood work and been alarmingly low on the T- scale?

Is this an issue to be concerned about? I know most of the risks involved but thought cycles around 8 - 10 weeks with proper pct would not yield such problems. And what can be done to prevent it? I don't want to be 35 and on TRT. I just got into AAS and thought It would take a lot more than a few cycles to cause these problems. I know without proper PCT they can and will indefinitly occur. That is why I was a little more alarmed when all had claimed to have religiously completed PCT for their cycles (most with HCG and nolva or clomid)

Any ideas? Or am I severely getting worked up over misinformation?


I stayed on for pretty much a year a while back, and the longest I stayed off was for a year, and I wasn't really back to 100% normal, I was close, but never felt EXACTLY the same. Whether this was psychological or not I can't say, and I've never had blood work so I can't use that as an objective measure either but my libido never quite functioned the same. I didn't need to have blood work done to confirm that I couldn't maintain an erection.

I do self administered HRT now.


I will be going for blood work in a few months, but have no information to give you at the moment.
My bloodwork from a previous cycle showed that my test levels where 700 to 800 if I remember correctly.


Hows being natural treating you Pitbull?


[quote]thetruepitbull wrote:
I will be going for blood work in a few months, but have no information to give you at the moment.
My bloodwork from a previous cycle showed that my test levels where 700 to 800 if I remember

Lets us know after you go for lab work. Thanks

Anyone else have any insight ?


Being natural sucks. haha

It's not that bad. I'm in a phase in my training where I am just going to the gym to maintain and make minimal gains.

I am trying to get over a shoulder injury, and have to find some better work ethic when I head to the gym.

Libido, is becoming an issue, it is low, but that doesn't really bother me, cause I can get it up when I need too.

Keep you update when I get the bloodwork done.


I found that 100mg of test a week won't have any negative health implications and keeps the old chap working, though seeing as your totally 'off' now it may be worth sticking with it. Good luck bro, keep us posted...


pitbull: You could try taking nolvadex for a while, like a few months. It'll help increase your LH up to your normal presteroid LH level, by increasing your endo LH producion. It could also boost libido. hCG would increase your LH also, but suppress your natural LH production. So, nolva is basically like hCG that doesn't suppress any part of your HPTA.


This is pure bro science, or controversial at very least. There are many studies showing it has no effect on LH.


Nolvadex increases libido, I can tell you that for sure because I used to take it when I was natural to 'minimize' my gyno.


Nolva does increase libido. Last time I went off I did a 6 week "stasis" period with 75mg Masteron/25mg Test a week.

Then a very short 2 week taper. I used Nolva for the taper and a week after. Even 10mg was a significant difference.

BTW with that PCT I maintained a great deal of size despite barely training due to injuries.

I do think my natural levels are as good as ever even though I'm older, but maybe you think you're not recovered fully as we feel everything so much strongly when on. Libido can be so high on cycle, that "normal" now sees low in comparison.

Without blood tests, it's all speculation anyway.