Long Term Patellar Tendonosis

Just wondering if anyone has had successful treatment of severe patella tendonosis? I’ve had symptoms for 17 months now and seem to have tried everything so was wondering if anyone has true lay overcome it. To summarise, I’ve had:

Extensive soft tissue work which did nothing
PRP but not ultrasound guided which pretty much did nothing
Cortisone injected around the tendon which only calmed inflammation due to a bit of tendinitis I had concurrently during one particular month, did nothing for the tendonosis
Decline squats…load of shit and dunno how hey get such great reviews in literature!
GTN patches…minor help
Just got insoles to help reduce any gait imbalances contributing to it
Low intensity cycling slowly bulldog up to higher intensity is the only thing that assists to some extent but doing too much can be damaging and also only assists to a certain point.
ESWT ( well I think this machine is radial shock wave) which does help a bit but seems like I’d need to keep doing it at least once a week for a few months

I used to compete drug free in powerlifting but totally had enough of this so if it’s not sorted in a few months, gonna have to hit the gear. However I’ve heard mixed stories about hgh for this kind of thing. Any experiences of comments of any kind appreciated…thanks brothers!