Long Term Nolvadex/Tamoxifen Side Effects

-Opinions on 10mgs eod tamoxifen use for secondary hypo possible side effects, especially dvt and pulmonary embolism.
-Is it suitable for long term use?
-What would you guys do if that was the only option?

I don’t think this question will be answered to your satisfaction because not enough members have been on it long term.

If the alternative is suffering for the rest of my life, the choice has already been made for me.

No, too high of a risk for hepatic and ocular damage.

Just curious, why is testosterone not an option?

Nebido is the only option and beside that no doc is gonna prescribe it, no experience in this field in country where doctors avoid treatment.

By not treating low testosterone these doctors are in fact inviting multiple diseases and cardiovascular problems. For some doctors this chosen career is just a job, nothing more and there’s little or no passion for what they do.

I took tamoxifen when coming off T. I lasted two weeks at 10 mg per day. I felt terrible from day 1 of taking it.

You may have a different experience but I personally hated Tamoxifen and the nausea, headaches, insomnia it caused me

That’s sad but true.

Yeah, i know some of the effects, take it for about 2 weeks some time ago and didn’t like it as well, but better than nothing.

I am a clomid guy, but can’t find it no more, commercial problems, blah, blah.

Last bloodwork 3 months after last anastrozole dose looks like:
Testosterone 20 nmol/L range 8.64-29
Estradiol 76.8 pmol/L range 41.4-159
SHBG 40 nmol/L range 18.3-54.1

After dealing with soul sucking insurance companies for years I can only imagine I’d be the same way