Long-Term Muscle Soreness/Pain

Hey there T-people. I know muscle soreness has been covered in a variety of posts and a few articles, but I have a quick question. What is the longest period of time that you have been sore? Let me use myself as an example. I just started, one week ago today, Chad Waterbury’s SOB training program and last wednesday I did Squats (2x30) and well I almost couldn’t walk afterwards. I did NOT use a ton of weight since these are 30 rep sets, but I have never felt such a massive pump (probably because I have never done more than 10-12 reps on squats, I am usually in the 4-8 range anyways). Well, I do a lot of walking back and forth to class and went to the pool on thursday to swim a bit, and well my freaking quads are still killing me. So, that makes it at least 4 full days since my squat workout and I have a 10x3 squat day today. Hmmmmmm.

Just wanted to get people’s reactions. Also, I am taking and eating everything that is required for recovery and getting 9+ hours of sleep a night. I know the soreness will subside, but this is the longest I have ever been sore, and painfully sore.

So, how long have you been sore for???