Long Term Low Dose Deca while on TRT

I’ve been on self administered TRT for over 3 years, my bloods are good and my total test is maintained at around 20-25 nmol/L, which is in the middle to high end of the healthy range.

I’ve been suffering from bad joints for a few months now, in particular my knees, and was tempted to try some Deca alongside my TRT, but not as a 10-12 week ‘blast’ which would usually be done like a steroid cycle, I was thinking of using it as a supplement which I would use at a very low dose but for a much longer term, or even forever like I will be with my TRT.

I only do 80mg of test per week, I’ve never needed to go higher and I’m happy with my current regime, so I was thinking the Deca dose would be the same, if not less. Like is said, I wouldn’t be doing it for the usual ‘steroid’ cycle reasons, but as more of a therapeutic supplement. So the sides would be minimal and therefore less risk all round?

Has anyone ever done this, or heard of it done before? I’ve searched on here and on google but most of the results I’ve found are for people just doing a short Deca blast in-between TRT.

I’d look into BPC-157 or TB500 if you aren’t looking for gym gains. Deca more so masks joint pain. The two peptides I’ve recommended may actually get you some healing. The side effect profile is more preferable too.

You may not even have to take it forever either if your joints actually heal up.

If you are looking for a long term add on to TRT, I think HGH would be more appropriate if staying in replacement doses. Some of this depends on your natural production of HGH. If that is middle and up on the range, I wouldn’t use it. If it is bottom or lower, then it might make sense to add on. HGH can be good for joints too in the replacement dose range.

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve tried BPC-157 twice, once on my wrist for tendonitis and recently again on my shoulder for a tear, although I cant say I’ve noticed the miracle improvements that have been reported online so am reluctant to use it again. I’m yet to try TB500 though, so am definitely open to giving that a try. What kind of dose would you recommend and for how long?

I’ve used low dose HGH before as well, for around 6months, but its just so expensive I cant justify the cost at the moment to continue doing it. If I had the money I would for sure though lol.

Deca 1:1 should be fine. I ran 80mg test weekly and NPP starting at 80mg, titrated up to 350mg without issue. Now Deca at 600mg still is not an issue.

A lot of folks seem to do fine with Deca at 50-100mg/wk for therapeutic purposes. NPP is a better ‘experimental’ compound to minimize fallout if you respond poorly.

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