Long term lifting results

Anyone out there that has been lifting for 50 plus years. Just wondering what kind of results you’ve had and if your are still gaining. I plan to lift till I die (i’m only 16) and would like to know if the gains, no matter how small, ever stop, or actually start to go down hill.

Well I’ve only been lifting for about 3 years seriously but I can tell ya that the gains come very quickly when you first start lifting but then slow down alot so patience is truly a virtue in weightlifting.

At the risk of sounding pessimistic, yes, you’re gains at some point will eventually stop and actually even regress. Otherwise there would be 80 year olds benching 800 lbs. I personally found gains much more difficult to come by after 25. Ian King even mentioned the difference in training the average 20 year old and 22 yr old. The body is an amazingly adaptive organism but cannot grow forever.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many benefits to a life-long training career and I’m in no way discouraging you. I would’nt even worry about it. But I would warn you not to make BB your entire life. I did this when I was your age and missed out on a lot. Enjoy your this stage of life, the years can have a way of passing you by. Just do the best you can and cross that bridge when it comes. Best of luck.