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Long Term Letro

I know there’s a few guys here on long term letro and if I recall correctly doses of approx 2.5mg per week. Most research papers on males are on obesity induced hypo-gonadal men or those with HIV and doses range from 7.5gm-17.5mg per week. I imagine even the lower end of this scale would drive estrogen too low for an average male, so is 2.5mg/week off-cycle an ideal dose coming from anyone with off cycle experience?

Also its only available to me in 2.5mg tabs which could only really be split into two as they’re pretty small. Given a 2day half life would it be too infrequent to dose twice a week for example, how much would T and E levels really fluctuate and would this provide noticeable mood swings do you think??

I wouldn’t use the word “ideal” as there is no one dose that is the perfect one for everyone, but 2.5 mg total per week is a good typical figure.

Dividing into twice per week use is not too bad.

Precision of splitting the tablet is not so important, so long as the total of the tablet is taken during the week, so perhaps you could try quarters. But halves would be okay I would think. I doubt you would notice mood swings from the day-to-day variation.

Thanks Bill helpful as always

I’m using tablets (pharm blister packs) as I thought they’d be less likely to be under-dosed as opposed to reseach chems which are also more difficult for me to get hold of anyway.