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Long Term Insulin Sensativity


Just wondering what are some physical and visual symptoms of "Long Term Insulin Sensativity" damage?
Can the Paleo diet cause this?


what f@ck are you talking about?


I can't imagine how a Paleo Diet would cause insulin sensitivity issues. I would think this to be more genetic if you had them while following a Paleo Diet, which would actually help the insulin issues. From what I understand, the Paleo Diet is naturally low in sugar, high in fiber, high in protein and plenty of healthy fats.

Why would you think the Paleo Diet would cause this, when basically every aspect of it remedies it ?


Do you mean to ask can a paleo diet help improve insulin sensitivity? Cause then the answer is yes, it can, immensely.

If you are truly asking what are the health concerns involved in having "long term insulin sensativity" (spell with an "I"), then I don't know what to tell you. Its like asking what are the long term health effects of being properly hydrated......

Meaning that there are no health effect, you want long term insulin sensitivity for long term health.


I read an article that pointed out the concern of long term insulin sensitivity thats why my question might of been confusing. I meant can the Paleo diet put your body in starvation mode, or cause damages where when you do decide to add healthy grains your body will not respond well or you will put on a lot of weight...kind of like how sometimes people go on the atkins diet and once they inake carbs they gain the weight they lossed plus more.

Also is their physical signs if you are on a low carb diet too long and your body needs carbs?


Haha @ "healthy grains".

Notoriously, I believe, a paleo diet might put you into ketosis which means burning fat for energy, a huge reason why people become leaner, and HEALTHIER on such diet.

If people do put on alot of weight when they start eating grains, its probably because there doing just that, eating grains, "healthly" (very,very debatable), or not.

And no there is no such thing as an essential carb or grain.


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5 stars for this

If something makes you fat, it will still make you fat even if you get your BF down.

The solution....lifestyle changes. Yes, it might mean that if you desire a healthier, leaner you, it may not be in your cards to be eating a large portion of your diet in the form of carbs, and especially not carbs from grains...


That's one of the reasons why I cringe whenever I hear someone talking about going on a diet. Usually it's a fancy new diet constructed out of a bunch of random principles that makes them lose fat while making them LESS healthy, then a couple of months of gaining all the fat back and time for another diet, this time "Oh, this great new diet written by Doctor XYZ! And it detoxes you!"

Reminds me a bit of the definition of insanity....


I don't think people should be on diets unless they are preparing for a show or some other short term goal.

If your goal is permanent fatloss and/or improving your health and you think by going on the Atkins diet, or ANY diet you will lose the weight once and for all and then you can just return to your old eating habits you are going to sorely disappointed.

Like I said, lifestyle changes.


Completely agreed. Either go on a diet, then stick to better life habits, or just switch to better habits.


@Alli145 one way to look at this, is that insulin sensitivity is basically the opposite of being type 2 diabetic. Constantly high insulin levels are unhealthy. Type 2 diabetics have high blood glucose levels as well as high insulin levels when their diabetes is not controlled properly. Insulin can be good and actually anabolic, but when not kept in check it can make you fat as well as a host of other health issues. Your body can make any needed glycogen from protein and fat.