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Long-Term HCG Use

There have been some posts about this but I can’t seem to find a conclusive answer. Maybe there is none. But I though I’d make a post to try to get some input.

Anyway, I am basically wondering if HCG can lose its effectiveness over the long term (10+ years)? When taken with TRT, that is. And if so, can that be prevented by cycling the HCG? Or is that maybe even a stupid question to ask…


There is no known evidence of it losing effectiveness, or being particularly less effective if cycled, or used only when you want to (like for fertility), unless you react badly to it.

As long as you’re not using a lot of it, consistently, your body will gladly recognize it til the day you die.

One of the doctors I consulted has told me the body can become resistant to HCG loosing effectiveness due to building of antibodies. As I researched further it seems this can happen with older versions of HCG with less purity. Do you have some info about that?

So a low consistent dose of HCG should be able to prevent (or at least minimize) testicular atrophy for as long as one uses TRT? And keep you fertile?

For the first yes, for the second it is very relative, but you should be able to keep some fertility allowing you to be easier to achieve more fertility when desired. This conclusion Ive done with my HCG research(and I researched all credible data) so this is my strategy as well

Find the minimum effective HCG dose that does not cause you side effects but even if you have some give your body a few weeks to adjust

What is the ideal dose frequency? Or does it depend on the person?

Depends. I use 100 ui daily. I do not recommend HCG on longer interval than EOD. I recommend you 100 daily or 200 eod as a starting point. Give it two weeks. HCG does not require build up like test. Start HCG only when you are stable on test alone

Never heard such a thing in my life. There is no reason to expect any antibodies to be generated, HCG isn’t an infection. There was a thing about cell saturation, but it seems that the studies do not support that theory.

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I too have read these posts and when you challenge them to show the evidence, it’s radio silence or some flimsy answer about an expert in TRT stating this. I would love to see the supporting evidence if there is any.

These individuals jump to the conclusion that just because pituitary GnRH receptors down regulate after constant exposure to GnRH, that somehow they can transfer this same logic to LH receptors in the testicles. Where is the evidence?

Here is data from 2 studies published on the use of HCG to restore testicular function after suppression from T-eth (200 mg/week). They use intratesticular testosterone (ITT) levels as a surrogate marker of fertility. ITT is used because sperm cells require higher than blood levels of T for final maturation. They looked at percent recover of ITT after various weekly doses of HCG administered in an every 2 day (E2D) protocol. I plotted the data to make it easier to understand. You can see from the graph that in both studies the percent of baseline values crosses the 0% suppression line at around 1000 to 1200 IU per week.

I personally use 1050 IU per week in an E3D protocol (450 IU E3D). I’ve been doing this for several years and I have not witnessed a reduction in testicular size.

Try 150iu EOD. Balls should hang, if you need to be super fertile, bump it to the max you can handle, then go back down.