Long Term hCG Storage After Being Reconstituted

So I have 5000iu amps of hcg and bacteriostatic water. I will only need 2000iu and being a mindful person, i would like not to throw away the remaining 3000 iu.

I am going to need hcg again in march. Do you think it could survive in the freezer after being reconstituted with bacteriostatic water? I am thinking of freezing individual syringes again (i did this when i didnt have bacteriostatic water).

I remember reading somewhere someone mentioned that their hcg kept potency even after 3,4 and 5 months in the freezer, after being reconstituted.

What do you all think abput this?

It sounds fussy but it is really hard to get ahold of hcg over here, had to lie my ass off in the local pharmacy, i am not sure if it will pass again hahaha


I’ve had hcg for 6-8 months that I’ve never mixed with the bac water. Stored in dark drawer at room temp. You think it’s still good?

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Probably, is there an expiration date on it?

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Yes you can freeze HCG but you cannot do a freeze thaw cycle that will ruin it.

In other words, you can freeze it once, thaw it and use it. But you cannot freeze it, thaw it, and then freeze it again.

So my advice would be to draw up individual doses into a insulin syringe and then freeze it.

Hope this helps.