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Long Term Gyno/Hypogonadism

Nothing else much to say… I noticed my nipples were different from the other guys’ when I was at the swimming pool in 2nd grade. Much larger and very puffy looking… It seemed to get worse as I got older. I also physically developed slower than my classmates and never really had a growth spurt. I grew at a pre-pubescent rate until I reached the grand height of 5’7" which is fairly short given my genetic potential. Strength has never been an issue. By my senior year I went on to set state power lifting records.

Freshman year of college I saw a doctor about the gyno, he was pretty clueless but went on to diagnose me as having hypogonadism and idiopathic gyno.
So now here I sit 27 years old with a decent physique and plenty of strength to match it. I have run 5 separate cycles. mostly test, test/eq, test/tbol, all with proper pct.
I hAve a body that I wouldn’t mind showing off if it wasn’t for this mo-fuckin gyno…

I’ve found in my research a connection between the two conditions mentioned earlier in my rant. Is it possible that if I treated the hypogonadism(hcg or gnrh) I could see an improvement in the gyno? Or is surgery my only option?
If you’ve made it this far, thanks and my aplogies for the long post. Shits been driving me crazy for half of my life.

So… you had pre existing gyno and thought it would be a good idea to run 5 cycles before you addressed the issue?

I see…

Post up some pics to see what you’re dealing with.

First, your “long term” gyno is what is known as “pubertal gyno”. Supposedly, many people have it at varying degrees of severity.

SERM therapy may reduce it to an extent, depending on severity, but if you’re self-conscious enough to not want to take off your shirt, the only real solution would be surgery.

Second, how was your hypogonadism diagnosed(or was there an actual diagnosis)? Did you have bloodwork then? What about recently? Are you on TRT?

First guy, I already have it, and it never got worse when I was on cycle or after a cycle. So why not run some thing if I’m gonna have to get it sucked out someday anyways? I’ll get a pic up though.

Second comment,
The time I went to the doctor to get it checked out, which was 8 years ago, the only thing out of the ordinary was a low amount of LH. The hypo-Gn was based on testicular volume. I was pretty shrunk out at the time, probably from being caught up in the prohomone BS. I haven’t addressed the issue with any type of medical professional since.

If you were still suppressed when you had your labs, of course the results would have indicated that you were hypogonadal. So you may or may not be hypogonadal. The only way to find out is to go and get tested again.

Thanks for the feedback