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Long Term Goals


Right now I am currently on the 6 week cycle, using FSL and Jokers, a programmed 10 rep cap for 5s and 3s weeks, and going for a rep PR on weeks 3 and 6. It is all based on how I feel that day, and depending if I am feeling good or not, will determine if I do Jokers.

Below is my current template:

Week 1: 5s, Jokers, FSL
Week 2: 3s, Jokers, FSL
Week 3: 531 - go for rep PR
Week 4: 5s, Jokers, FSL
Week 5: 3s, Jokers, FSL
Week 6: 531 - go for rep PR (might do a few singles)

My question is more based on my long term goals, and using the Jokers and FSL correctly, as I do not want to wear myself out before reaching weeks 3 and 6 and setting a new PR. In your opinion, what’s the best way to program the FSL and Jokers? Is what I am doing too much? Too less? Or, am I on point? If I set a PR on weeks 3 or 6 I tend to keep my assistance light and get out of the gym; save my energy for another day.

Again, I am looking to achieve long term goals, and understand if I am feeling good on a certain day to go for it. I am just trying to get another opinion as I keep learning about training and myself.


Cut out all Jokers. Maybe use them once every 6-12 weeks. People over do them and they end up sucking from the teat of Failure and Awful. If you want long term, do the Lifer program. That’s why I wrote it.

Thanks for the quick response, Jim. Appreciate it. Which book is the Lifer Program in? Or was it an article you wrote? I can’t find it.