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Long Term Goals

My goals when I started lifting in March were 315 squat, 405 deadlift, and 315 squat at 180 lbs by the end of the year. Right now Im in my 6th week of starting strength and I have made more progress in those 6 weeks than in the 5 months before. Best lifts are 285x5 squat, 325x5 deadlift, and 180x5 bench so I think I will be able to hit those numbers. Long term would be to hit 400-500-300 by 2010.

Im not sure what to do after the 8 weeks of starting strength are up, I was looking into madcow 5x5, I wanted a break from squating heavy 3 times a week though. I was also thinking about trying Mondays with Thibs: The Skinny-Legs Cure for 4 weeks just to mix things up. Any advice?

Short to mid term goals

Raw @ 100-110kg bodyweight

Squat 227.5kg
Bench 160kg touch and go
Deadlift 300kg and some change

Long Term

Get in some single ply gear

125kg or more weight class

Lifts??? something big

My goals right now are a 500lb DL and a 350 bench.

I set a new PR on the DL today at 430lb and am already at 300 on bench.

I’ve been focused so much on DL that I haven’t been squatting to much. My front squat was repping 225 for 5. I want to switch back to backsquat, find my max and bring that up to what I’m deadlifting.

Wow. hmmm…
well, my old pr’s for a full raw meet are
sq: 435
bp: 350
dl: 500
total: 1265

I have a meet comming up oct 25 and my goals are to open just below the above weights. I’d love to hit the following though:
sq: 475
dl: 550
total: 1300 +/-

I lift in the 220’s, but I lift in the low end (208-210 for weigh-ins).

RAW short term goals reached:

  • 120 kg bench, a week ago, current pr
  • 150 kg squat, long time ago, current pr is 170
  • 200 kg dead earlier this year, my current pr is 210

RAW Goals for the end of this year:
Squat: 185
Bench: 125
Dead: 220

Lifetime goals:

  • Become one of the best powerlifters in Norway.
  • Compete in the IPF world championship.

I want to pause bench 635, squat 900 with knee wraps and a belt, and deadlift 900 with just a belt. essentially all lifts done raw, if I could get those lifts in competition I would set a new all time raw world record total.

I want to do that in the next 3-4 years

End of Year Goals:
-Triple Bodyweight Deadlift - 247.5kg@82.5kg, 241kg currently
-227.5kg/500lbs Squat
-125kg/275lb raw bench press
-182.5kg/400lb raw squat

Goals for next year:
-Double BW bench(165kg@82.5kg)
-Triple BW Squat(247.4kg@82.5kg)
-600lbs Deadlift(272.5kg@82.5kg)