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Long Term Gains from Test E?

I’ve been debating my first cycle and I was hoping some people with experience could tell me what kind of long term gains/sides I can expect to help me manage my risk/reward. I would run the standard first cycle: 500mg test e for 10 weeks, adex .5mg EOD for 12 weeks, and nolva PCT.

Here are some current stats:
Age: 23
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 188 lbs
Bodyfat %: 13%
Years training: 4-6 (1 with proper diet)
Bench: 325
Clean: 325
Squat: 415
Deadlift: 505

I’ve got my diet in check, and I’m still seeing natural gains. It just takes longer and longer to see those gains. This fall would be a good time to run a cycle:a lot of time to spend in the gym, no gf, and I’m starting a bulk to over 200 lbs. I’m wondering how much a standard test e cycle would help my long term gains. Examples below.

For example: If I were to train naturally for the next year and I were to get my bench to 345 lbs by this time next year, what kind of bench do you think I would be able to maintain if I did a cycle this fall/winter?

Another example: Training naturally, lets say I am able to go from 163 to 167 lbs of LBM staying at 188 lbs in 1 years time (bulk to 200+ then cut back down to 188). That would take me from 13% BF to 11% BF. What kind of results could I expect if I cycle this fall; how much more LBM could I expect?

Lastly, what are the chances of having any long term side effects from a standard test e cycle? What worries me is messing up my natural test production at my age.

I know these things are impossible to quantify, but I’m asking you to ‘take your best guess’. I’m just trying to get an idea of how much AAS could help me progress in regards to performance and lean body mass and if that performance is worth the risk.

Yeah, I don’t think anyone can answer these questions, which I take to be a comparison between 1 years worth of work and 1 cycle…?

Perhaps people can offer personal experience to give you an idea, but I can’t as I’ve never done a test only cycle. Regardless, everyone responds differently in terms of strength, size, and what they keep. All you can do is try and develop your own basis of comparison.

I can say for sure that you will acquire SOME strength SOME size and how much of it you retain depends on your training and dietary talent. As far as risk, if done properly there is little and so far as your age, my first was 23 yrs old but there are many around here who have began substantially earlier.

[quote]c.m.l. wrote:

Yeah, I don’t think anyone can answer these questions, which I take to be a comparison between 1 years worth of work and 1 cycle…?
Yes. 1 year naturally vs 1 year with a test only cycle. What kind of difference are we talking about for someone who is fairly well trained?

I guess since that is so hard to quantify, maybe people could give me an opinion as to what they would do.

I don’t want to be a pro bodybuilder, powerlifter, or anything else that may require AAS use. I train for 2 reasons. 1 - to improve athleticism. I am a former college baseball player. I played 1 year of independent pro baseball this summer and I may want to play indy ball again next year. Or I may want to take a shot at playing D2 football next year (1 more year left of school). 2 - to look better.

I don’t plan on getting into extensive AAS use, however the opportunity is there right now. I wont be tested, I have a lot of time, and my diet/training have never been more dedicated.

Simply put, if you were in my shoes, would you run a test only cycle or continue to train naturally?