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Long Term Effects


Hello all,
This may seem like a stupid question, but I am going to ask it anyway. I am taking several supplements, and I have read up on this site and some others on the possible side effects of these supplements. However, I guess I just need a little reassurance.
I am worried about long term health risks. I am lifing , running, and boking because I first and formost want to be healthy and then because I want to look better. I have chosen supplements which I think will help that along. I was hoping for some input on what I have chosen and whether I should be worried about looking good now but risking heart disease, liver failure, or something bad in the future. Here's the list:

Alpha Male
Carbolin 19
Power Drive (Post workout)
Spike (Pre-Workout)
Metabolic Drive Low Carb PP

As for some personal stats,

Age: 33
Weight: 215
BF %: 18
My diet is really, really clean. The only reason my BF% is high is because I had a knee operation and did not eat well for a couple of months and was sedintary. Overal, though, my diet for the past 1.5 years has been really good, and is now very good (my wife has begun exercising with me and we keep each other accountable for calories and food choices.)

Thanks all!



no question is a stupid question, especially if it is concerned with your health. ok, done with the cliches, i personally don't see anything wrong with the supplements you have chosen. if you are eating clean, then these supplements will do nothing but add to the bonus of a good healthy lifestyle. while i am no expert on Carbolin 19, everything I have read about it has suggested no potential long-term side effects. a testosterone boosting supplement like Alpha Male is perfect for a man of your age (not for me though, i'm still a young buck at 20). creatine is also very beneficial. besides its muscle building properties there have also been many studies suggesting its usefulness for brain activity and health in older people. supplement profile looks good to me. anyone feel free to correct me or add to what i have missed.



Yeah basically all of the supplements you've chosen are fairly mild in comparison to some of the stuff available on the market. You shouldn't have any problems. Couple questions come to mind...

  • Why did you start taking products you knew very little about?

  • Why is your screen name jesus freak? I almost didn't help you...

  • Drink plenty of water with the creatine. Not necessary while you're taking it, but during the day.

  • Consider Surge PWO. I've never tried Power Drive, but I know that it isn't ideal for PWO nutrition.

  • Consider stacking 3mg Melatonin and L-Glutamine (available at all drug stores and Wal-Mart) at bedtime with your ZMA. I've been doing that for a while and sleep like a rock.

  • First and foremost (ironically listed last) add in a fish oil supplement. Flameout is great, but any fish oil will do. Read the Flameout thread for why. Given you reason you're taking supplements in the first place, I believe fish oil would be the very first thing you should have even considered for overall health benefits.

Good luck!


As the others said:

Drink plenty of water
Eat Clean

That's it.


THanks for you reply!

To answer your question, I actually read quite a bit on this site about the supplements I mentioned. I know their benefits and their possible side effects. I was just starting to get paranoid about lkong term health issues. I won't go into why.\

  • My screen name is because I love Jesus Christ and love to mention him whenever I can.

  • I forgot to mention that I take Surge. I usually drink Surge during my workout and right after. I take Power Drive about 1 hour later for CNS recovery.

  • I will definitely read up on Flameout and why fishoil is better.

  • Thanks for the melatonin and L-Glutamine suggestion. Then again, my sleep interrupted far more by one of my five children than my own physiology. :slight_smile:

Again, Thank you!