Long Term Effects

What does everyone think of the long term effects of steroid use such as possible hormonal based cancer and heart problems? If you think about it it doesn’t matter how much you try to keep your balls from shrinking or preventing bitch tits, steroids will bite you in the ass. This is what I think is interesting about pro bodybuilders they are willing to shorten their lives so much just to win. Please don’t reply saying that the negative effects of steroids are blown out of proportion by the media.

Can you cite any studies that would give credence to your case. I’m not flat out saying that you’re wrong, but you’re not really making much of an argument by saying “steroids will kill you and everybody knows it”. Theres lots of information available out there arguing the exact opposite, that sensible use of anabolic steroids can have a neutral or even positive effect on overall health. The fact is, many of these drugs are approved for use in humans by the FDA.

I’d just be interested to hear what makes you believe what you do, what your experience with and knowledge of steroids as, and how much research you’ve done on the subject.

Everyone knows that steroids kill. But everyone seems to ignore the biggest killer of them all… OXYGEN!!! According to my papers 100% of all people who inhale oxygen die. Many people who breath also get cancer or diabetes or possibly even acne. The only way to save the children is for the government to ban breathing and make possesion and use of oxygen punishable by law.

whoa… sorry I think I was tuned into Fox or something.

But anyways, the basic point I was getting at (although I was a dink about it) is that we die, everything that we do seems to lead to something else bad happening. Alot of conclusions that people jump to are based on partial information and conjecture.
I also have no proof that steroids do not do what you are saying they do. But everybody dies, if you worry about that the whole time, you havent really lived.


Cancer? Huh. Show me the empirical data that states that steroids cause cancer. And don’t bother even stating the old anadrol studies where the subjects were given preposterous amounts of anadrol. That study was flawed.(In lab rats mega-doses of sweet-n-low cause cancer.)
Please analyze the facts before making rash claims. Don’t just repeat what some health book or the media states.

The funny thing is, is that the number one killer in NA now is Obesity. I am quite sure that with the few short years that I have used steroids for that I will still live quite longer than the average american. Cancers are much more d/t genetic supceptability and exposure to carcinogens (cancer causeing agents) such as ciggarette smoke for one. I assure you that steroids ARE NOT carcinagins! If they were we would all have cancer as everyone of us has plenty of different steroids floating around our bodies in our natural states never mind when supplementing from exogenous sources. As far as risk of heart disease, enlargement, e.t.c., the studies that are out there seem to indicate that these are caused by weight lifting in general and not steroid use. As a matter of fact there has never been any health cases substantiated as been directly caused by steroid use. Steroids are of course like any drug. Use them responsibly and you should be safe. Take handfuls of anadrol at a time and your looking at liver problems down the road. Of course you wouldn’t take handfuls of tylenol at a time - because thats just nuts, and most steroid users are pretty responsible and health consious. Growth Hormone is a different story. However I will not get into it. Some steroids such as stanozonol are actually used in treatment of breast cancer - believe it or not because it is the estrogens that cause the tumor growth and the stanozonal down-regulates the ER in this case.
I wouldn’t recomend taking steroids if you did have cancer, as it could cause an accelleration in tissue growth, however to what extent is definitely unknown and I suspect not too much because cancer cells already divide at a very rapid and uncontroled rate.
Steroids have other benifits however that could reduce your risk for cancer. One is the fact that it increases HCT. levels and that can in fact include the immune system. The fact is that your body’s immune system is constantly destroying cancer cells on a daily basis. A stronger immune system r/t steroid use would only serve to complement this. So to conclude the answer is YES unfortunately the media and polititions are shoveling up a big pile of B.S. because why? -it gets attention, it gets ratings, and it wins votes. But these same polititions accept donations from tabacco companies, liquor companies, and food companies who until recently (at least in Canada) were pumping us full of trans-fats. You must remember that everything you hear from the media, and politicians MUST be taken with a grain of salt! another eg. would be all those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, that both the politicians said were there and the media said were there. The general public gobbled that horse shit up as gollible as they are but the truth came out in the end.

Great post, P22.

The negative effects of steroids are blown out of proportion by the media.

I had to…