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Long-Term Effect: Alcohol, Brain Function?


Alright, anyone in university can probably relate to getting drunk on the weekends. I've personally noticed I feel some brain-fog (my food intake has been low, and shit lately as well; which no doubt adds to it.)

Now I'm kind of starting to wonder what the long-term effects of alchohal are on the brain.. Say drinking friday and saturday around a quart of alchohal between the two days (probably a pint each day, 375ml, of 40% vodka, rum, whatever)

I guess my height, and weight are also needed: 6'2", 155-160ish lbs (another reason to slow down the drinking.. it fucks up lifting solid for me)


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on the forum page this thread is abbreviated as

"Long-term effects of alcohal on bra"

that is all.


youre 6'2", 155lbs? you need to eat something.


Your skinny and you drink too much...

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one day soon someone might actually post something about the topic in question on this thread. but lets face it, it would be much funnier if that never happened.


It depends on how much and how frequently you drink.

In general moderation is a good thing. Do what you find is best for you.

Personally i've cut back a lot on weed and alcohol, it does affect studying for sure.


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