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Long Term Antibiotic Use

I’m 34 years old, and in the last year I have developed Acne Roseacea. My cheeks and nose get real red and puffy, and I get bad acne on my nose. I went to a Dr. were he diagnost me, and prescribed me Doxycycline - 100 mg a day. He said i would have to be on it forever. It does clear up my problem, but I am worried about the long term use of antibiotics. I know that some steriod users use antibiotics sometimes to control the acne, that some steriods can cause to some people. Does anyone know anything about the long term use of antibiotics? Also I read that some chicken farms give the chickens low doses of antibiotics, becouse it causes water retention, adding to the final weight of the meat. Any truth to that?

ummm i’m no doctor, but for starters get a second opinion.

antibiotics every day def. cant be good for the immune system

The only thing that I can think of that would cause you and immediate problems is that when you are on antibiotics for an extende period of time, the number of bacteria in your digestive tract drops and so your body does not absorb food as well as it should. Most people who are on antibiotics for an extended period of time are told by thier doctors to take an acidophillus supplement. Also, it may become more likely for you to get a fungal infection like athletes foot or jock itch. But this is mainly a common problem in children who are on strong antibiotics and should not apply to you.

So, my only advice is to take a digestive aid supplement like acidophillus.

Also, if you dont want to go the antibiotic route. You may want to search the internet for articles about how taking large ammounts of vitamin B-5 has shown to be very effective against most kinds of acne. PM me if you want me to give you a link.

Didn’t gugglesterone also show a lot of promise in the treatment of acme (similar results to tetracycline)?

I have tried it before, but I can’t recall it making any major difference.

This was the second doc. I went to, and I got the same speil. I just don’t really trust either one. I think that all they really know about roseacea, is that it will go away with antibiotics. After that they don’t really care about your long term health. I expressed my concerns, but they would just act impatient, becouse I was questioning the long term use of antibiotics. I’m already planning on finding a new dermatologist. Thanks guys for your help. I’m going to go get some probiotics for now.