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Long Term Advice - Lower Body Mass Building

Hi CT,

First off, thanks for all the incredible articles/blogs/information you supply in this forum/site (T-Nation). Can’t tell you how much it helps. Which is why as I am seeking advice for a personal long term goal, it is only right, I seek your suggestions/advice/opinion.

As an current bodybuilder, my goal is to get a pro-card. In the past month, I have competed in 2 contests, in the Men’s Open MiddleWeight class (167lb-176lb) and I have come in around 173lb. I want to take off all of next year to improve my weaknesses, which I feel are:

  • lower body (mass, calves)
  • upper back (lack of thickness)
  • Abs

My main goal is my lower body. Leading up to my contests, I was training them 2x a week and 3x a week I was coming in during the mornings and doing additional leg work (5x10 of hack, 5x10 of leg extensions). My legs were (and still are) pretty fatigued from that kinda volume.

For the initial first month, I plan on doing a basic 1-2x a week leg routine. Focusing on getting my strength back. I felt I lost strength as I dieted for about 5 months for my 2 contests. But after this initial period (1-2 months), I’d like to start a serious Hypertrophy/Mass building lower body routine, and I would really appreciate any suggestions you may have. After reading through all your articles and blogs/posts, there is plenty of information to get me started (i.e. “Skinny Legs cure”, “Growth Factor Training”)

So there is plenty of info as far as workouts go, but I was hoping you could help provide assistance as far as the programming of the workouts and suggest which one I should incorporate first, and recommend how long to stay on it before considering changing the workout stimulus and doing a different routine.

Of course my nutrition is important, and I plan on gradually reverse dieting my calories back up. Using a macro breakdown of 45% carbs, 30% protein and 25% fat (if you have any suggestions to this, I would also greatly appreciate it).

I am providing some front and back pics from my contests to show you were I am currently at (physically) and hopefully you can assess and help provide guidance to me as I work on adding muscle mass to my lower body. Gaining weight in my lower body has always been difficult for me.

Any suggestions on how I should go about my goals of increasing my muscular development in my lower body, would be extremely appreciated from you CT!

thank you in advance!

Back pictures

other pic

Just wondering, but why wait 1-2 months to start a ‘serious’ hypertrophy routine? Is it just to regain strength? Because you would be doing that anyway. Just saying.

Congrats on your shows, man.

[quote]Aopocetx wrote:

Just wondering, but why wait 1-2 months to start a ‘serious’ hypertrophy routine? Is it just to regain strength? Because you would be doing that anyway. Just saying.

Congrats on your shows, man. [/quote]

Thanks Aopocetx.
I guess i meant more like 1 month. And really more because I want to have a plan outlined. At the same time, I am not going to lie, I was dieting for 5-6 months. I am OCD and the past 3 months I was training 6-7 days a week 2x a day. My body is pretty beat up. Elbow has tendinitis feelings, knees are aching, hip flexors very tight. And of course theres the mental aspect. I’ll be the first to tell you, that i have alot to learn in terms of recovery. So I’d like to use a month to recover, mentally , physically and even socially haha I had no balance in my life. Plus I want to have a structured plan for 6,9,12 month plan. I’m really focused on bringing up my lagging parts and hopefully competing hard for a pro-card.

One thing I do want to add, is that I’d like to add a strength building period as well. My initial thoughts (assuming if that my goal would be to compete one year from now), is if I spent 3-4 months focusing on strength, then 3-4 months of hypertrophy, and 4 months of contest prepping. I am not looking for any shortcuts. If I need more time, so be it. But I want to have a short term/long term plan to be able to reach my goal.

CT, if you would be able to add any insight on how you would suggest for someone, 1 year in advance, with the main emphasis of adding mass (lower body mainly, thighs, calves) I would greatly appreciate any feedback/suggestions. Thank you in advance!