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Long/Short Torso, Arms, Legs?


this might be kind of weird but what would u consider a long or short torso?, long or short arms, long or short legs? I always here people saying i have a short torso and long arms blah blah. how would u exactly evaluate these measurements?


I don't think there's any real quantitative or standard of measurement.

I like to judge things by the way people look when they lift.

Sorry if this was unhelpful... how do your lift numbers stack up against each other? Many times this can be a tell-tale sign.


no one else?


Average Wingspan is equal to your height, and if I remember correctly, The average leg length is 60% of your total height.


No way. It differs among racial groups, but the average leg length is about 45-50% of total height. Over 50% is well above average and 60% is NBA proportions.