Long shift

So I started my job for the summer. I’m a busboy…oh the glamour. Anyway, I’m also on a cutting phase, and I’m curious how 8-10 (and more) hours without food affects my progress. I can’t really eat during my shift except for bread and butter in the kitchen. I can drink. Would getting down some BCAAs help to preserve my muscle mass during this mini-fast? Also, any ideas on post shift nutrition?? I’m for some reason not all that hungry when I get off, although I know I need to eat. Thanks all.

8 to 10 hours without food? It fucks your progress up real good. What, you don’t get a lunch break (required by law, BTW)? You can’t pack protein bars or pre-made MRPs? Puh-lease! Buy a cooler!

Seriosly man, how fuckin hard is it to bring a protein bar…Ive been busing/waitoring for like 3 years and can always find time to scarf down a protein bar or two.

Summer job… sounds like he’s still in school. I’m in school and I can’t really afford to buy protein bars because they’re expensive.

For post shift nutrition, that depends on if you’re going to work out or not, and what time of day you get off. Provide more details about the circumstances and you can get some useful advice, rather than just canned advice.

rubberman: Get some Tupperware/Rubbermaid and mix up some quick meals and shakes THE NIGHT BEFORE! An 8-10 hour fast, ESPECIALLY while awake and working, is VERY catabolic. Woofing down a quick meal and or shake should not be a problem. Set it as a priority, and I guarantee you’ll get it done.

Yeah, no shit dude. By law, your employer has to give you a half hour for lunch and two fifteen-minute breaks. This is more than enough time to be able to eat every few hours. You’re fucking yourself by going 8-10 hours without eating while awake. Personally, I never go more than 3 hours without eating while awake.

I am in school, and browncy is right - protein bars are expensive, even when purchased in bulk. I get as long a break as I want at the end of my shift, just before I close; this is the service industry, so pace is varied. if we’re busy, there is no time for anyone to take a break. The MRP idea is an option, but again, they are expensive, although I should look into it. As for post-shift nutrition, its basically going to be whatever the kitchen prepares for us, usually whatever leftover main course we have along with some pasta. A nice piece of salmon for less than 5 bucks in a good deal. And its not Burger King, which is really the only thing open when I get off work.

Rubberman…you’re going to be a rubberman if ya keep this up! Seriously, where there’s a will, there’s a way…and if you really wanna get ripped, not eating for an extended period of time does NOT equal optimal fat loss…so, if you’re really 'bout achieving your goals, you’ll do something. I’ve got to imagine you at least get one scheduled break. During this time, you can eat a meal that you prepared (like the Lion Kind said, Tupperware is invaluable). You can always mix up a whey shake with some flax or peanut butter, take a bathroom break and down that mofo in about 5 seconds! But it’s up to you, bro. And for the post-shift meal? Well, DON’T try to make up for lost time…that’ll only make fat loss slower. If anything, think pre-shift strategy, for the activity that lies ahead. But I seriously think you need to get in your meals ever two to three hours…and you can buy a tub of whey for cheap as dirt:-)

bring a semi-frozen tuna sandwich and eat it 2hrs in for starters.

Most people who work in restraunts get no breaks, now you know tip 15% at least. I have a couple of Protein Plus bars during my shift, but since you’re low on funds pack a sandwich, some cold cuts, beef jerk or nuts. Also make freinds with the guys who do the cooking, if they like you they will hook you up. Good luck. outlaw.

Cold cuts are expensive - if you look around online you can find bars for relativley cheap and they are the most convenient and end up bein cheaper for the amount of nutrients you are getting (to make a decent sandwich the meat gets expensive). Sandwich may taste better but it wont have as much protein for the same price (unless it is tuna that is way cheap). Plus it is easier to eat the bars while on the run as you no doubt will be.

Damn, 8-10 hours! I would be so hungry I would have eaten both my hands. But seriously, you have got to make time to eat. Get your self two shaker bottles from walmart, and mix up to MRPs and take them with you. I know i can down a MRP in about 30 secs. And outlaws advice about making friends with the cooks is great, make friends with them and i am sure they will toss a chicken breast your way. Quid pro Quo.

Yeah MRP’s are expensive, but they are less expensive than 5 bucks for a salmon or other money you use to go out to eat. Anyway, just bring your food in tupperware. I take 20 seconds to eat my lunch.