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Long Road Ahead! (Advice Needed)


My name is Victor,
This is what i currently look like, in the past 3 weeks i have put on massive right due to exam week ( Uni )

i have got a diet plan that a Personal Trainer has written up for me.

Meal 1: Protein Shake with water, and half cup of oats.
Meal 2: 1/2 cup rice & chicken breast
Meal 3: 1 can of Tuna with 1/2 cup of rice
Meal 4: Protein shake, 1 piece of fruit
Meal 5: Chicken Breast and Veges (Not to sure white sort)

Before Bed 1 Protein shake or 8 egg whites
allowed 1 sugar free drink per-day if needed.

Question: Should i do cardio for 2 weeks or so and then add weight in. or should i do weights and cardio.
cardio in the morning and weights at night would be fine?
also how does my diet look.

My goal: To tone down and be more define with a bit of muscle.

I have been stiting here and my thought is that i should do
Cardio 30mins before eating meal 1, then go back to gym late afternoon and do weights compound movements exercises.

2nd picture




No one have any advice? for a newbie

First, go up and read the stickies. What is your current weight/height? Are you paying this personal trainer for your diet plan? A lot of people do well starting out with carb training [edit: carb timing] strategies, ie no brown rice until after training. You should also be eating more vegetables. There is a lot of information in those stickies, and you can probably devise a tastier, more effective diet.

Start lifting as soon as possible, not waiting for two weeks while you do cardio. You look out of shape so ease into it. Did your trainer give you a training plan? If not I recommend starting strength.