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Long Rest. Is This Routine Alright?


Hey Guys,
I have not been around here for awhile, even had to get a new name because of the break I had took. Was wondering if some of you guys can look at this routine I got it at JohnBerardi.com. Tell me if its to advanced or if its alright to start off with. I took a break due to moving to a new state and am just getting back into it. I am 18, about 190, 6'0. I put on some weight and need to get it off. So please look it over and tell me if its alright?

Pushin Iron for the Gridiron.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3




Anxious to get 'er done.


No one?


Sounds like you are in somewhat of the same situation that I am - a bit of a long layoff due to life getting in the way.

What I've done before getting started again is really figure out what my goals are, and base your program off of that. Do you want to add size? Lose fat? Increase strength? Increase endurance? Once you know where you want to end up, it is a lot easier to know which road to pick in order to get there.

Regardless of where you want to get to, don't overdue it from the start. Give your body a chance to get used to training again. Muscles are not the only body parts that get de-trained. Take care of those tendons and ligaments as well. You don't want to injure yourself because you tried to get to where you used to be too fast.

There are so many great programs/training methodologies on this site that it shouldn't be very hard to find one that mathes up with your needs.

Post again if you need any further suggestions. Good luck.


I'd imagine people are wondering why you'd come here to ask about a routine from somewhere else. There are plenty of great routines here.

Just do the thing. After a while, pick something else.


I haven't even bothered reading the routine. Its by John Beradi, it must kick ass :D.


Do. Then ask.

I learned that little jewel from reading Dan John's posts...


Thankyou guys, I will do then ask, and tell you how it goes.


Do it if you want but its periodisation is very outdated Western periodisation.

A simple way to explain why its retarded is because you have strength, power and hypertrophy stages. you are not able to maintain all these qualities at the same time.

For example, during a hypertrophy stage you will lose strength and during a strength phrase you will lose muscle mass.

It has some benefits but IMHO a training plan which ultilises a concurrent (Westside/Westside for skinny bastards) or conjugate periodisation (Sheiko)will work better.

Just my 0.02,