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Long Period of Band-Only Training


I'm in the US Army and stationed in Germany. We have a field problem (training) coming up and it is six weeks long. I have the entire set of flex bands and use them in cycles of three weeks on and three off when i do my powerlifting exercises. There probably won't be any weights or a gym out there so i'm taking my bands with me. My question is would it hurt me to only use bands to do the exercises in my routine. Like for speed day using light tension and max using alot of tension. Any suggestions?


My first instinct, take 1 week off from training. Assuming you've been training steadily and consistently for the past few months (with no major rest), a full 7 days of not lifting will: A - Not be the end of the world, and B - Will help to recharge your batteries, so to speak.

Other than that, I don't see any major problems with using the bands. Are you talking about loading a bar with bands only (no plates), or using just the bands by themselves? Either way, I can't see why you wouldn't be able to do either. I'm sure there's a useful article at elitefts.com about band training, I just can't seem to find it now.