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Long Overdue Mass Cycle

Well, after an obscene amount of dieting, going from high 20’s to around 8 percent bodyfat, my 160-something puny frame is ready to get swole (relatively speaking, that is).

Goal is to get to 180-ish and no more than 14-15 percent. I’m following Waterbury’s year long muscle gain program progression from his book, which starts with ABBH.

Diet consists of Berardi’s baseline diet from Precision Nutrition. Been following it for a week now and it’s working well. I just feel better eating clean foods in ample amounts. After dieting for so long, my muscles (what little I have) pretty much soaking in everything I consume. I look noticeably fuller from the added cals/carbs.

I’m hoping this log will help keep me on track as I tend to struggle with putting on weight (mentally, not physically). I know there’s a pretty solid support system here at “the Nation” to keep my on point.

I will try to keep this updated daily as well as post progress pics every so often.

Forgot my supplement regimen…currently the following:

Flameout plus added Member’s Mark fish oil caps

Metabolic Drive alternated with Labrada Pro-V 60 and Dorian Yates Pro Peptide

Power Drive (mixed with Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi pre-workout)

Vit. C, E, selenium, ALA


Biotest Creatine

Day 1 (Monday):

Started ABBH today, did the 10x3 for chest/back. It sure is a lot different training with lots of food in your system! I had been on anywhere from 1200-2400 kcals a day for so long I had forgotten what a difference that can make.

Did 160@10x3 on bench (I know, pathetic), and 115 for the same on barbell rows. A little more of an imbalance between horizontal push/pull than I like, but I am working on that.

Diet was letter perfect. Ate completely clean for all seven meals.

Forgot to add Greens + to my supplement regimen listed earlier. It took a while to get used to the taste of this stuff, but it isn’t so bad now.

Had a pretty funny comment from one of my coworkers when I was leaving work today. I ran into him and he said, “Dude, what’s up with the diet? I’m not gay or anything, but you look awesome. How do you do it?”

I didn’t have all day to explain the nuances of my program, and he wouldn’t have understood/cared for the details anyway, so I simply said, “No secret, just good consistent training and dieting.” Really, that’s pretty much what it’s all about. I’m always amazed at how many people think there’s some big secret to making progress with your physique.

Day 2:

Off day from lifting, so not much to report. 6 for 6 on meal compliance. Trying to get used to eating more than what I have been, but it’s getting easier.

Day 3:

Today was 5x10 for back squat, decline reverse crunches and standing calf raises. I’m not used to higher reps on squats, as I generally train in the 3-6 range, so despite only using 180, this was no walk in the park. Form was very strict (slightly below parallel with controlled eccentric).

My abs are weak, and that’s all there is to say. I need to prioritize them at some point. Hit 3x10, and then I fizzled out going down to 6, then 3 reps. Gotta get that core stronger.

Calf raises went pretty well. I have pretty small calves despite years of soccer; however, I’ve never really made them a priority either, so I have no room to complain.

Diet-hit 6 out of 7 compliance-wise. Evening meal was a scheduled cheat, and it was great, although I was pretty full from the large post-workout shake (Surge w. Gatorade powder and extra maltodextrin).

I managed to find room for a nice plate of pasta with meat sauce, followed by my fave dessert of sugar-free fat free Jello pudding mixed with Calorie Countdown milk and a scoop of Metabolic Drive. I’m sitting pretty good right now and should sleep like a baby.

Gave my coworkers quite a scare today mixing and chugging my Greens +. It’s amazing how much controversy eating a clean diet causes in an office setting (particularly when you eat salmon at your desk…LOL!)

good stuff, man. congratulations on the weight loss and good luck with the bulk. keep us posted.

Thats awesome man. I was wondering how putting on mass was going to go after you cut down so much.

I personally dont like carrying extra fat, like I am now, even if it is just for the goal of adding mass. I just feel like I can’t see the muscle as well as when I am lean.

Keep us updated dude. I am sure you will progress well.

i dont mean to nitpick, but if you go from ~160lbs at 8% to ~180 at 14%, roughly 2/3 of that will be fat. i would think that you would not want to gain 2lbs of fat for every 1lb of muscle.

i am sure thats not your intention at all, but i just wanted to point it out in case you were going to be relying on bf% numbers at all. meaning, if you see yourself coming along at say 175lbs and youre at 13% bf or something, based on the numbers above, you would think you were within your goals.

in reality, with those numbers i think youre putting on more fat than you want to.

Well, this go-round “should” be much smoother for mass. I’m eating way more clean than normal bulks, and I’ve had some help in determining hormonal issues that may be problematic (mild to moderate insulin resistance, maybe mild cortisol as well)

thanks to info I found on Poliquin’s Biosignature Mod approach to determine dietary approaches based on skinfold ratios.

Yes, I see your point Dez. What I meant to say that I don’t want to exceed 14-15 percent. If I can get to my goal weight with less fat (10-12 percent, maybe) that would be just dandy.

Current weight is “up” to 158. I have approximately 145 lean and 13 fat. Assuming I gain 24 lbs at a 1/1 muscle to fat ration (I believe this is about the common ratio for relatively lean folk), this would put me at 182 and 13.7 percent. I would be happy with this. As stated above, if I can gain at a lower fat to muscle ratio, even better.