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Long Olympic Dumbbell Handles?


I've been progressing on DB rows for a while now. I'm up to 200lbs on a bell, using only 25s or lower to keep a decent ROM, but this is really getting to the end of the bell. Curious if anyone knew of a place to buy longer handles.

I know that westcarry barbell makes this


And I'm not adverse to trying that out, but wanted to see if there was a more conventional route available. I also read Wendler's article on how to build your own using rolled steel and standard plates, but I'm trying to avoid having to buy standard plates on top of olypic ones.


I just have a pair of cheap oly handles. The were 20 bucks for the pair and I can load 200+lbs pretty easy. I got mine from Texas Strength Systems.


Mine are the same length, but they're running out of room. Do you also not using anything bigger than a 25 on them? Perhaps my plates are just too thick.


Giving this a bump just in case.


http://ironmind-store.com/Big-Boy-Dumbbell-Bars153-pair/productinfo/1224/ Not for olympic plates though


Yeah, that's exactly what I'm trying to avoid. I can make my own standard barbell for a couple of bucks using some rolled steel, but was curious if anyone had ever experienced this with olympic plates.


At my gym we have two extra long Oly dbs that one of the guys from the gym that does welding built. You can't even tell he did such a nice job. My understanding is he got two Olympic Barbells and cut each one about a foot from the collar on one end and right at the collar on the other end then welded those two cuts together and used the remaining middle area as scrap.