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Long May You Run...

Definitely a step backwards today, and hoping to get some advice from some of the more seasoned vets.

Today marks two weeks that I’ve been on a next to zero carbs switch. Protein and fats have been flawless, around 275g protein (1.5/pound) and 110-120 healthy fats. I honestly, after fibrous green veggies are removed, am somewhere around 15-20g of carbs.

I’ve never gone low carb/no carb before, and I’ve never trained at the intensity that CT’s refined physique program demands of you.

I’ve also dropped 10 pounds in two weeks, admittedly a lot, but some of which may be water weight from what I understand.

So I got through the circuit part of the lactate workout today, but knew something was up…and when I attempted to do the low intensity cardio afterwards…dizziness…need to throw up…definitely not a good thing. Had to stop.

So question is really not whether I’ve overtrained/asked too much of my body too soon, but more where to go from here?

Do I introduce more clean carbs?

Take a few days off?


Possibly I’ve shocked my body too much with the 10 pound drop plus removing almost entirely its previously accustomed to source of glucose plus training the shit out of it?

Honestly, please weigh in on this guys. Thanks.

14 days into my routine and I had what you’d call a carb-up day, I suppose as well as a cheat.

Had some sweet potato at lunch, and a baked potato with my steak at dinner. Also had some sugary candy while watching a movie with my girl.

I’m wondering what will happen with my body after being under 30g of carbs for 2 weeks and then going to about 150g today, mostly complex, with some simple as well.

We shall see. Back to the grind tomorrow.


A couple of days off really did me some good. Recovery is truly critical - I guess it’s a fine balance, getting enough of it.

Today was heavy chest/back.

Flat BB Bench:

5x5 185/185/205/185/185

Cable flies:

5x5 25/25/30/25/25


5x5 body weight

Behind the back shrugs:

3x12 135/135/155

Didn’t see that question the other day. But it looks like you figured out the answer for yourself. Good job.

Heavy legs today - I intentionally took a step backwards load-wise in order to implement some proper form techniques I read about here.


5x5 @ 225

Back Squat

5x5 @ 185

Leg Press Calf Raise

I mixed this up and did 180 pounds to failure x2 - burned

Leg extensions - I just felt like doing them - question, why are they so frowned upon? Is it cause they are a single joint movement? Considered newbieish? I kinda like the way I can focus the squeeze at the top of the movement.

Finished up with lying leg curls.

Some notes about my body - definitely more vascularity in both arms now. I can see more definition in my back, as well. Girlfriend says she’s noticed big changes the way I look naked and “the way your shoulders bulge when you’re on top” - haha.

I definitely feel lighter…and the flab around my midsection feels lesser…but there’s still a big ol’ pocket of it. Bleh.

Progress is progress, I suppose.

Off day today.

My pants are starting to not fit so well. I mean my go-to business pants, they are literally hanging off me - I keep tightening the belt.

I still weigh in at 179, though. I guess my question is…how can I be noticing changes in my body but not seeing it reflected in weight?

Don’t jump all over me, I understand the importance of body change over a scale reading, I’m merely curious because you would think one would correspond with the other.

i’m not a fan of leg curls cuz i’ve always heard it hurts your knees, and this is reflected in me every time i try it…same reason i don’t do glute-ham raises…i haven’t heard any bad things about it, and the writers here are advocates of glute-ham raises, however every time i do them my knee caps are swollen afterwards…the only leg things i do are squats, deadlifts, goodmornings, and stiff leg deadlifts…with ocassional leg presses if i’m nursing lowerback pain(which i’ve had to do a couple times.)

Weeeelp. Lactate day.

Apparently the last session where I damn near died was a result of lack of …adequate rest, we’ll say.

got through the session today with flying colours, to the point where next time I am going to add 5 pounds or 10 pounds.

45 minutes LI cardio at the tail end.

You guys might find this funny…I have sucked in my gut for so long that it became my nature…and now im almost at a point where I don’t have to suck it in…and it feels really unnatural haha.


Been away from the scene for a day or so.

Tomorrow is a lactate inducing day with 45 minutes low intensity cardio.

I’ve now been at a stalled weight of 179 pounds for quite a while.

When this happens, what is the preferred thing to do - decrease caloric intake, or increase cardio?

Off day, and it so happens to fall on day one of my two weeks vacation…bam, baby.

Weighed in at 178.4 this morning. Perhaps I am just an impatient bastard.