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Long May You Run...

Edited to spare folks from that painful boring novel I had as the opening post.

Beginning stats:

190 pounds


2300 calories per day. Heavy lifting days around 60g of carbs, low intensity/lactate days trace carbs less than 30g. Remainder a 50/50 split with protein and healthy fats.


Fish oil/creatine/Surge Recovery (heavy lifting days)/BCAA/glutamine/ZMA for my zzzz’s.


CT’s Refined Physique Transformation. Love that guy, even if he insists on always using an incorrect plural form of the word people.

[quote]NeelyDan wrote:
For the last 6 months, essentially what I’ve done is lift using Waterbury’s TBT routine, plus (some may be familiar with this) done a spinning class called RPM two times a week. They last about an hour.

I recall reading that these spinning classes were a bad idea. I forget why. Might want to do some research on that, and let me know. Heh. :wink:

[quote]NeelyDan wrote:
And I swear on all that is holy and sacred, I stay at 185 no matter what I’ve done for the last 6 months. I’ve ate realistically about 4 or 5 times, but I’ve learned a few things.

I didn’t eat nearly enough (I bet I was around 1500 calories a day, and after reading some of Chris Thibaudeau’s stuff I should be around 2300 calories if I want to lose fat.

So you’ve started eating more? Awesome! What sort of foods are you eating and when? I’m swear I live off of cottage cheese, tuna, chicken, salmon & oatmeal. I personally eat 5 meals a day, with a 6th meal on training in the form of a post workout drink.

[quote]NeelyDan wrote:
In terms of positives, I will say this - I have gained considerable strength. I can now bench 225, 205 if I want to do 3x8. I am squatting 225, though if I do full range of motion that number is less. I learned that an alternating grip allows me to deadlift a lot more.

You’ve got some decent strength. Work on that squat, though. Do the full range of motion all the time; it will help your deadlift that way and you’ll also acquire more muscle mass in your lower body.

Feels good to bench two plates, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

Don’t neglect your back, either. :slight_smile:

[quote]NeelyDan wrote:
But jesus h. christ on rubber crutches if I’ll ever lose an inch off my belly.

Am I that uncommon?

No. :slight_smile: For males, the last place to lose fat is the stomach. For females, it’s the ass/hip area.

[quote]NeelyDan wrote:
I’ve undertaken the destroying fat routine by CT as my program, as well as worked out allllll the meal planning/nutrition stuff to eat 6 meals with 45g of protein spread across as well as cycling my carbs on heavy lifting days. The program calls for some steady state cardio as well as some sprinting.

By the way, those circuits in that program kicked the shit outta me.

I guess what I want to know, and I will post a picture this evening…

Am I on the right track?

From the little you’ve said, yes. You’re aware that diet is important, and that eating too little is bad. You squat and deadlift. Those are good things.

How far into the destroying fat program are you?

It’s so funny what proper dieting does. Like I mentioned in my original post, I think I was probably hovering around 1600-1700 calories and not consistently.

For one week I’ve followed one of Coach Thibaudeau’s diet plans and I’ve already dropped 3 pounds, and my digestion habits have improved unbelievably.


Goochadamg, in response to your questions:

I’m not following any sort of creative diet, just lots of chicken breast/tuna/eggs/sirloin/fish, loads of green veggies, and the only real (other than trace) non-green carb is from raspberries.

I’m actually following the ‘Revised Physique Transformation’ routine. I originally went a little too heavy on the lactate sessions, but after lightening the load a little bit, managed to get through the first two circuits, albeit shaking and quivering in a pile in the corner at the end.

I suppose I should get around to posting some pictures, if for no other reason than to have a record of any progress I make. Perhaps this week.

Ok, I figure I may as well turn this into a log, because I’d like to keep better track of my progress.

Plus, I seem to make discoveries every day and maybe some day I will look back and wonder how I ever could have been so green - cause trust me, I’ve been lifting weights for 4 years and I know less than any of you.


Today’s observation - supplementing properly really does have an effect on your training capacity.

Also - how in the hell do you people eat to gain - I am pegged at 2300 calories and have eaten what feels like a truck load today, and I’m still on course to be a couple hundred short. If I had to eat 3000+, I’d be cooked. Get it.

Today’s training - heavy legs

4x6 deadlift (185 pounds)
4x6 squat (185 pounds)
4x6 leg press (270 pounds)
2x15 leg press calf raise (270 pounds)

If anyone wants to tweak the exercises I’ve chosen, by all means let me know.

Today being the third day I began supplementing, I went with 5g creatine/bcaa/glutamine pre workout and 10g bcaa/45g whey protein post.

bcaa powder doesn’t taste as awful as I’ve read to me.

Also - re: mixing supplements - any issue with downing my pre-workout supps all in one shaker of water? Absorption issues, etc?


I guess I ought to post a ‘before’ picture too.

And yes, it’s obvious I am in the beginners section for a reason, take your pot shots if you may :slight_smile:

Also - am I at any distinct disadvantage for waiting until I’m 32 to finally get serious about my fitness?

Edit - this is just to give a general idea, I honestly couldn’t find a picture of me without a shirt on, maybe that’s a reason I’m here haha.

Anyone wanna weigh in on any of the above questions, or this one:

For a guy who’s 5 foot 7 looking to build an impressive physique, what should I diet down to before attempting to start adding lean mass?

Off day today. Lactate day tomorrow.

Today’s rookie observation:

Carb crash.

I’m hoping once my body converts over to using fat primarily as its fuel source that things will get a little easier. For a guy who’s closest thing to low carb was whole wheat bread, this can get tough. 4th day in, I have been reading the first week’s the toughest.

Here’s a sample day of eating:


Shake - 45g whey isolate, 3oz raspberries, one teaspoon fish oil (taken seperately)


6oz chicken breast/spinach/2 tablespoons Udo’s oil (perhaps not the most efficient omega 3’s, but I prefer the nuttier taste for the salad)


6oz tuna/half a cup of chopped celery, lots of cayenne


Shake - 45g whey isolate/water, teaspoon fish oil


6oz sirloin/2cups chopped steamed brocolli/1 teaspoon fish oil


Shake - micellar casein/3oz raspberries, 2 hard boiled eggs

Comes out to a ballpark of 110g of fat, 280g of protein, and 64g of carbs, 24 of which are coming in as fibre, and 2300 calories.

32 years old is most certainly not too late to begin getting healthy!

Diet looks good, snack on raw vegetables throughout the day to help alleviate some of the carb cravings.

I would get down to around 12-15% BF and stay there a month or two to reset your metabolism before starting a bulk.

It’s easy to add a couple hunder calories to your daily intake. A shot of olive oil or natural PB in your shakes will cover it. Nuts, avocado, cheese, etc.

Oh I know it’s never too late, I suppose I meant more along the lines of lower levels of or slower rates of


Today’s observation:

Putting a plan into action, and watching it work, and knowing you’re doing it properly, and literally watching your body start to change is probably the most amazing thing these eyes have ever seen.

Where I used to weigh 188 @ the end of the day, I just got home from watching my beloved bruins beat the leafs, and I’m steppin in @ 182.

Just a nice feeling.


Training: Lactate-inducing session

Still a rough go gettin’ through this entire part of the routine.

Did make improvements already, though, in that I got through circuit A as well as two runs of circuit B before bein’ completely gassed. As a result cut my low-intensity cardio afterwards to about 20 minutes.

Specifics of session:

Circuit A

1x15x135 flat bb bench
1x15x270 hack squat machine
1x15x120 seated row
1x15x90 lying leg curl
1x15xbw hanging leg raise

Circuit B

1x15x105 military press (standing)
1x15x180 leg press (gettin’ tired haha)
1x15x150 pulldowns
1x15x90 glute machine
1x15xbw decline crunch


Heavy Arms/Shoulders

Close-grip bench
Weight: 155

Weight: 70

Decline cb triceps extensions
Weight: 2x30

Decline db hammer curl
Weight: 2x35

<20g bcaa>

Seated bb press
Weight: 135

Bent over reverse flies
Weight: 2x35

Seated lateral raises
Weight: 2x30

Behind the back smith shrugs
Weight: 225


What a fantastic workout.

Lactate day - completed the entire routine, with 30 minutes ESW following. Took my BCAA b/t finishing the lactate and starting the ESW.

Weighed in at 179 today. I am so pumped that things are heading in the right direction, and I have this site to thank for all the knowledge.

So thanks.

Specifics of session:

Circuit A

1x12x155 flat bb bench
1x12x270 hack squat machine
1x12x120 seated row
1x12x90 lying leg curl
1x12xbw hanging leg raise

Circuit B

1x15x105 push press
1x15x180 leg press
1x15x150 pulldowns
1x15x90 glute machine
1x15xbw decline crunch

[quote]NeelyDan wrote:

Also - am I at any distinct disadvantage for waiting until I’m 32 to finally get serious about my fitness?
At this point, don’t ask questions where the answers don’t help you reach a goal. Just accept your past for what it was and focus on what you’re doing in the present to achieve in the future.

Seems like you are discovering that losing fat is all about diet diet diet, not about training routines. However, your training should support your diet. Since you’re following CT’s diet, make sure your following his training recommendations for the type of diet. He’s written a lot about his recommendations in his articles, his Author’s Locker Room, and the Physique Clinics.

[quote]andersons wrote:
NeelyDan wrote:

Also - am I at any distinct disadvantage for waiting until I’m 32 to finally get serious about my fitness?

At this point, don’t ask questions where the answers don’t help you reach a goal. Just accept your past for what it was and focus on what you’re doing in the present to achieve in the future.

That’s great advice, thanks. You’re absolutely right.

Re: training routine, I’m coupling CT’s diet recommendations with one of his training routines as a framework - specifically the refined physique article.

Today: Off day

Up next is heavy chest and back tomorrow.

Today’s thought:

People talk about the psychology of allowing a cheat meal once per week, or whatever arbitrary schedule you come up with. I’m finding the opposite, in a way - I can’t muster up the will to actually eat anything not on my diet for fear of stunting my gains.

Anyone else share that?

Anyway, weekly weigh-in:



Heavy Chest/Back

A1 Flat Bench Press
A2 Flat DB Flies

B1 Pulldowns
B2 Chest Supported Row

Repeat 5 times

Discovered Costco this weekend. Man, 70 ounces of boneless, skinless chicken breast for 20 bucks. Craziness.

Noticing more vascularity in my arms, particularly my right, where i don’t ever recall seeing it before.


Heavy Legs


K, admittedly I haven’t done enough research on proper deadlift form and what the different types are, but what I do is use an alternating grip, wider than my leg stance, knees slightly bent, and up she goes.

4x6 @ 275 pounds - I was really proud of myself for this lol.

Back Squats

4x6 @ 225 pounds

Lying Leg Curls

4x6 @ 110 pounds

Leg Press Calf Raises

3x12 @ 360 pounds

Observation today - an ironic one, seeing as I posted this in a separate thread under nutrition, but the zero carb/mega high protein/fat diet seems to have put a big ol’ plug in my digestion. Not happy at all about this. I’m looking into probiotics as well as some psyllium powder, but does anyone know really how much powder one should consume to get things flowing again?

Go Bruins.

[quote]NeelyDan wrote:

<<<People talk about the psychology of allowing a cheat meal once per week, or whatever arbitrary schedule you come up with. I’m finding the opposite, in a way - I can’t muster up the will to actually eat anything not on my diet for fear of stunting my gains.

Anyone else share that?[/quote]

Yup! When I decide to diet, I don’t cheat because of cravings. If you are highly motivated to achieve a certain level of leanness, why cheat if it slows you down?

However, I think the concept of cheat meals becomes more important when you think beyond the short-term leanness goal and to your life as a whole. Not cheating on your way to a certain BF% is one thing; not cheating forevermore is another thing.

Also, for me, “cheat meals” crank UP my fat loss. It’s weird.

It looks like you’re doing great with your new diet and training. Congrats on your progress so far; keep it up!

Thanks, andersons.

Off day today. And boy do I need it, definite soreness from deads yesterday. Good soreness, though. Proud soreness haha.

Added psyllium fibre and some probiotics (I was recently on a course of antibiotics for a nasty infection on my weiner - kidding, on my elbow). Hopefully this will improve digestion a little bit.

04/02 - hoofuckinray for psyllium fibre

Honestly, I was concerned that this high protein stuff was gonna leave me plugged up forever and ever amen

Luckily, a couple tablespoons of cut up cardboard in the form of psyllium fibre is like an intestinal vacuum, booya!

Today was lactate day, which I have a love/hate relationship with - hate how it kicks my ass, love how it gets me the most gains from a fat loss level.

Same routine as in previous sessions:

Flat bench (135 pounds x 15)
Hack Squat (135 pounds x 15)
Seated Row (105 pounds x 15)
Seated Leg Curl (105 pounds x 15)
Decline crunches (15)

Seated DB press (110 x 15)
Leg Press (180 x 15)
Lat Pulldown (120 x 15)
Glute machine (90 x 15)
Hanging leg raise (15)

Cycle is performed three times (first set of exercises three times, than move on to the next set of exercises for three)

Followed by 40 minutes of cardio, averaging probably 75-80% MHR.