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Long Limbs and Time Under Tension

SO i’ve been reading around on forums on this site, and i’ve seen something menntioned a few times that its possible that people with long limbs, when training, might possibly get more time under tension then needed in the tradional 8-12 reps for hypertrophy, and maybe if you have longer limbs you should use some lower reps to get “time under tension” required for hypertrophy. like it kind of makes sense, i havent seen it in any articles i think, so i was wondering if anyone could give me their opinions on the subject

Well, I suppose it’s conceivable that if you had a group of persons who were 7 feet tall vs a group of persons that were 6 feet tall, maybe on average the 7 feet tall folk would take as long to do 6 reps as the 6 feet tall persons take to do 7 reps.

However there would be no reason I can imagine for a bigger effect than that, and individual variability would be much greater than this effect. In other words some of the 7 footers would likely be faster in their reps than some of the 6 footers regardless of moving the weight through about 17% more distance.