Long-limbed trainers

I’m a long limbed trainer (6’6"), just curious to find out if there are other tall bodybuilders/powerlifters on this forum and if they have any suggestions or exercise modifications that have been effective.

Read Charles Staley’s article called “Training for your Body Type”. A lot of your questions will be answered.
Personally, (6’3") I favour accelerative lifting over TUT BB lifting. Check out some of the Westside Barbell protocols. Also Compesatory Accelaration (X-Comp) will shed some light on the methodof lifting.
Bare in mind that I use this only is a “base” for a fully periodized training cycle.

I beleive that theres a T-mag article in the making(who knows when itll be released), but I myself am 6’4’’ and the best advice I can give is to leave your ego at the door in the Gym. Because of our longer limbs we gotta push that weight a lot further than our vertically chalanged peers. So dont just use the same whight as your short limbed training partner and end up going to failure on every friggin set, your just hurting yourself. Also reserve some time at home to really stretch those LONG ass legs (hammies) because if they’re too tight itll effect your form on deads and squats.

The current reader mail section talks about this.

Being in the 6’6 - 6’7 range, I thought I better jump into this thread.

I’m going to echo some of the previous advice given in this thread, and say to leave your ego at the door. I have learned to deal with the fact that I just can’t get my lifts to go up as quickly on pushing movements as I can on pulling. I lift about as much as anyone at my gym doing back exercises, but simply cannot move as much weight with my chest. I have stopped doing barbell bench all together because of the frustration of being stuck on the same weight for too long, and have moved to doing dumbbell work, and the great range of motion has afforded me fantastic developement. I do inclines not only with dumbbells but on the smith machine as well. I always found doing ‘free’ barbell inclines impinged my shoulders and felt awkward.

If your gym has a hammer strength bench press machine I would suggest trying it out. It has a range of motion that rivals dumbbells yet maintains the same sweeping path of a flat barbell bench press.

I’m currently about 234lbs at 5% bodyfat, and my focus is to add more size to my legs. Don’t give up hope you big lanky bastard you.

I’m 6’3 and absolute strength has never been a strong point for me. I have really benefitted over the past year from implementing dynamic movements into my training. One arm DB snatches, push press, cleans, and dynamic benching (Westside Method) are some of the moves I’ve been using to add about 20lbs of muscle over the past year. I’m excited to also begin using the power snatch as described in this issue. Also, I have to work my torso very hard. Unlike our short, stocky counterparts, exercise in which we have to transfer weight through our torso are going to be harder. If your abs, obliques, low back and the rest of the torso is lagging, so will your squat.

If you have long thighs, try the reverse hyper machine. It hammers those glutes and hams. If you have long forearms (relative to your upper arm), like me, doing DB press work allows for a better ROM and may actually increase your BB press. Some of those Hammer Strength or lever type machines work well too. If you focus on some unilateral exercises, your stabilisers get worked too which may increase your big lifts (press, squats).

Pushing movements are tough for me at 6’7", but pulling seems to be easier than for most people. So I have to work really hard with those.

But Squatting is the key. In the last 10 years, I’ve gained 170lb with them.