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Long Limb Training

Hey all… ok I’m 6’1 and have kinda long limbs. So I’d like some technique advice from similar long limbed T-Men:

Deadlift. I prefer sumo style because there’s less chance of me rounding my back. Last week a really good powerlifter told me to ‘sit back’ and ‘press though my heels’. Well I tried this with 310lbs and it seemed to make the movement smoother and better. Only prob was at the top I felt like I was gonna fall backwards. So I threw the bar forward (well… as far as you can throw 310lbs in a reverse grip) and promply fell on my ass. Any tips on technique to get smooth power on the dead without looking completely stupid in a full gym?

Next: calf raises. I have long feet (and my calves suck)... so do I put my toes on the block? Or up to my arch? (that is, the entire front part of my foot -- which seems to let me generate more power).

Thanks guys!

  • Jagin