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Long Limb Lifters


Due to my structure I am a terrible bench presser and squatter. My deadlift goes up with little or no assistance exercise. You wrote a really good piece on your blog that said to follow those who are not built for a certain lift and find out how they progressed.

What have you done when your not built for a lift and noticed others have done?

What are the common issues for long limbed squatters and pressers and how should they be approached?


Hope you don’t mind me butting in. Im really just in the same boat as you. I’d say patience helps a lot. Be patient with slow progression. My lifts aren’t spectacular by any means, but being patient in training the bench press properly has helped a lot. Didn’t take shortcuts just for the sake of being able to add weight to the bar. I’ve always loved squats because my sport demands good leg strength so I’ve never had issues with it, but yeah, patience.

For tall guys there’s really no way around the fact that with pressing, you’re just going to be pressing the bar for a mile. If you’re trying to maximize development in say, the pecs or delts, then I highly suggest starting with a lot of isolation type work in order to really hone in on mind to muscle connection and to get more focused work on those prime pressing movers without the secondary and tertiary movers kicking in.

For squatting, I’ve consistently found that the heel raised version allows the long legged guys to stay more upright and hit the quads better. So give those things a try and you should be happy.

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